Primarni baby...

In my college days, I worked in Primark - or Primarni as it's become known in fashion circles. I worked in one of the branches in the South of Ireland and down there, it's called Penneys...could never work that one out?
My strongest memories of working there involve folding and hanging endless Ireland t-shirts with 'Give it Lash Jack' emblazoned on them. I worked during the Summer of Euro 1990 and those awful Ireland football t-shirts were our biggest seller that year!
Primark has gone from strength to strength since and I've come round to shopping there again for inexpensive tops, cardigans and scarves. Here are some recent great buys from Primark...starting with the brilliant zebra scarf. A steal at £4...

Gorgeous fine knit long cardigan with button detail - only £5!
My lucky sheer tie neck blouse - £7
Another sheer tie-neck blouse - this one in a purple paisley print £5 in the sale
Love this one - the photo doesn't do it justice
It's a lace-type top in a stone/mink colour.
Great with a white top underneath. Current stock - £6
So Primark is my recommendation for today's Frugal Friday post. f you've not been in recently, I recommend a visit. I promise it won't break the bank. :) 


  1. I agree that primark can be fab but it really depends which one you go to...some of them can be very messy and it really puts people off. I was in a certain one today and found nothing nice. I like the Lisburn one and love going to Penneys in Dublin. Am still searching for that zebra scarf... :)

    1. I agree Juli. Lisburn is definitely streets ahead of Belfast and O'Connell Street in Dublin is fab! Did you try Lisburn for the scarf? There were loads of them there on Tuesday...though I did buy 4 for friends - lol! How big is your silky scarf?

    2. My big silky scarf is about 50cmx50cm. Found the zebra scarf in Belfast yesterday...amongst all the mess! Its a perfect match with my Oasis jumper dress and new shellac nails. Would like to upload a pic but can't seem to get it onto this page.


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