The Boot Cut Debate Again...

Claire has sent me in some more lovely photos of her recent purchases and it got me thinking about the whole bootcut and skinny jean debate. Claire is a petite slim pear shaped girl who can wear pretty much anything but when I saw these two photos of the same top with different jeans it brought home the fact that a pear shape is always enhanced by a properly fitting boot cut jean.

Claire seems taller in the second photo - and she's still wearing flats! I rest my case! The slightly sparkly jumper layered over a white top is from Marks & Spencer £35, Skinny Jeans from Primark £11, Bootcut Jeans from Gap.

Here are some other lovely purchases Claire has made over the last few weeks...
Jeggings, M&S £25, Cardigan, H&M £9.99, Long shirt, H&M £24.99
Shoes, Dorothy Perkins, £18, Scarf, H&M £7.99

Jeans, Gap Bootcut, Cardigan, H&M £9.99, Top, H&M £7.99

Claire's perfect trench from M&S £75, Scarf, Primark £3
Thanks Claire for sharing your Spring purchases...what has everyone else been buying this month? Email your photos to
See you on Monday :)



  1. I like boot cut for you!

  2. Those jeans look really cute on you!

  3. So interesting seeing them compared like that.. But I've got to say I just can't give up the skinnies !! What about heels and bootcut jeans? I really don't think they work but I'd love to see what you think..



  4. Hi, I've just discovered your blog via the BiBs short list and I have to say I love it! As for bootcut vs skinny I love both. I too am pear shaped and also have post children tummy issues to contend with, so always feel comfier in bootcut

    1. ....but sometimes skinny wins, especially when wearing knee high boots! I do apologise I appear to have followed you twice! x

    2. Hi Melksham Mum! Glad you enjoy the blog and so happy you found me :) You should send me through a picture of you in your boot cuts - always love to get photos of other stylish mums x


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