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Did you know that Fair Trade Fortnight ran from 27th Feb - 11th March this year? I didn't, until my friend Joanne sent me a picture of her wearing her new Fair Trade dress from People Tree. I was googling within minutes of seeing this gorgeous dress, which Joanne picked up for just £22.50!
Joanne wearing her Agnes Check Dress - £22.50

People Tree is a website which stocks Fair Trade clothing & accessories. Fair Trade means the products have been sourced at a fair price from some of the world's most marginalised communities. This fair price helps these communities escape poverty and ensure sustainability. Fantastic...but isn't it all going to be hippy, peasant-style long skirts and tie dye t-shirts? Oh no, we're talking on-trend, competitively priced and super stylish. And most notably... Orla Kiely designs at a fraction of the price...
Here are some of my favourite pieces...
Grace Dress - £43.50
Orla Kiely Tea Dress - £57.00
Macy Swallows Oversized Tee - £32
Orla Kiely Spot Top - £45.00
And the best bit about Fair Trade? The guilt from spending money you shouldn't have is offset by knowing you've helped sustain a small business many miles away. It's another win-win. Thank you Joanne for opening up my mind on sustainable, Fair Trade clothing. 
I've had a really busy few days and 4 late nights on the trot so going to take a day off the blog tomorrow (Sunday) I hope you don't miss me too much but talk to me on Facebook and Twitter if you do! I'll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday. Have a great weekend xx

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