School Gate's Swap Shop!

At last, I hear you say....I'm here to tell you about my swap party :)
First things first, if you ever organise a clothes swap and want to record it for posterity, appoint one of your guests to be the official photographer. Several times, I went to find my camera and every time, I got top up drinks, help with styling, tidy up the empties, etc, etc. I didn't get a single drink all night and before I knew it, people were leaving and it was 12.30am! are some photos from before the event kicked off, featuring about a third of the clothes as some of the girls had delivered in advance...
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On the left are the swap clothes and on the right are the clothes that were for sale (this was to cater for some friends who couldn't be there on the night and one friend who had a huge clear out so had way too much stuff for the swap). I set up the shop in my dining room and the swap in my living room so my guests had lots to chose from.
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Above, left: Jeans lined up on the table for sale - in sizes 8 to 14, skinny, straight & bootcut. 
Above, right: fab designer shoes - unworn!! To the right of the black shoes, you can just see the scarf that owner, Claire, kindly gifted to me at the end of the night - I'll feature it on a future blog.

So how did it work? Well, everyone arrived and hung up their clothes and had a browse of the swapping items and the items for sale. Then, I declared the swap open and gradually, people tried on and set aside the items they liked. The most fun part was when several people tried on the same items - it was amazing how 3 or 4 girls the same size all looked so different in the same item!
Not everyone took home the same amount of items as they brought but that was by choice - some of the girls just wanted to donate and not to take too much home with them. At the end of the night, we had a free-for-all and whatever was left of the swap stuff was open for the taking. 
Some of the shoes available on the night....all unworn!!
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I would thoroughly recommend a clothes swap night in. Apart from picking up some lovely items, it was a great girlie night and so easy to organise. If you have any questions about organising your own event, just ask me on email ( I'd be happy to help!
Tomorrow, I'll share with you one of the items I picked up on the night. Can't wait to wear it and take some photos! Now off to bed to catch up on some zzzzz's....night all!

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