Bare Arms & Cowl Necks

At long last - we can get our arms out as it's proper hot! I don't get my legs out unless it's boiling and I'm in a foreign country and have had too much sangria. So I make up for it with lots of arm exposure in the summer months.
This is the first morning in a long time that I've had a couple of hours to myself. I'm a lone parent until Monday as husband is away so I need to get as much done as possible while the kids are at school so I'm dressed for a bit of tidying up and some paperwork (in the garden)..

My TK Maxx sandals which have languished at the back of the wardrobe for about 2 months are now getting a good airing. They are so comfortable and cool to wear. A little bit whacky and not to everyone's taste but I quite like that. You can read about them here.
Today, I'm also wearing a cowl neck jersey dress that bought in a sale just before Christmas. It's one of those quality pieces that I knew I would get plenty of wear out of. It's a great neutral colour and I'm a big fan of a cowl neckline.
There are a couple of lovely cowl neck dresses & tops in the shops at the moment - check out H&M for some bargainous ones & here are some others available online..
Next Cowl Neck Top (three colours)

Per Una Cowl Neck Top
River Island Dress from ASOS
Finally, here's a close up of my bargain necklace that I picked up in Tesco while shopping yesterday. It's very delicate but so pretty and only cost £6!
Ok, off to do some work now! See you all tomorrow :)


  1. We are the opposite, I would get my legs out a million times before my arms! Lovely outfit. x

  2. I'm the same as Belfast Mummy, no problem with the legs but for the last few years have kept the upper arms under wraps! Why on earth don't you show yours, your nice and slim I can't see why you have a problem x

  3. Love the necklace Avril! I need to buy a big bottle of St Tropez spray tan for my legs, as they haven't see the light of day either in ages and I really want to wear dresses! Maybe I will start with a maxi:) Hope the kids go easy on you!!
    ~Anne xx

  4. I love that necklace - what a great find! I never wear jewellery with cowl necks, but now I can see that with the right piece it can look fab. Need to get some long necklaces, as it happens. Perhaps a sneaky trip to Tesco is on the horizon :)


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