Butterflies & Grumpy Sailors

Today I'm wearing a top I haven't worn since last summer. I love taking down my summer storage bag. Thanks to 3 kids, my memory is so bad, I totally forget what clothes I have after just a few months of storing them away. So it's like a big summer shopping trip getting them all down again from the attic <easily amused>
I bought this butterfly top with some birthday money last June and got so much wear out of it over the summer months....we did have a few sunny days - here and there.... 

Posing beside one of my favourite Graham Knuttel prints. Hubby and I bought this when we moved in together first. I met the artist about 18 years ago before he became really big but unfortunately didn't buy any originals from him then..not regretting that ONE bit. As Mr SGS and I approach our 9 year wedding anniversary this week, I'm glad to report we're a bit happier with each other than the two sailors in this picture :)
Here's a close up of the butterflies...
The necklace was a gift from my friend Colette - it's perfect with this top. My shoes are from Clarks - I picked them up from a nearly new boutique in Belfast called De Ja Vu, last summer - unworn and only £20. I love the detail and the mix of grey and camel. Still available on eBay now and again (see link here)
My Bravissimo (Pepperberry) shrug (last seen here) and H&M skinny jeans finish the look today. I'm way too overdressed for a day of laundry but hey, if you're going to be ironing, you might as well look good doing it, I say! 


  1. I have those shoes and hadn't thought to wear them with skinny jeans - can't wait to give them a go.

  2. Anonymous12:30

    Gorgeous top - I nearly bought a bird print top in H&M the other day but they didn't have my size. I'm really pining for something with birds or butterflies! Glad to hear the summer wardrobe is making it's way out again:)

  3. We had sunny days last year? Are you sure?

    Lovely top.

  4. Love the print on your top and the necklace is gorgeous x

  5. Very nice shoes they do not have my size though :-(!!!
    Love the top too.
    ARe you sure the sunny days were last year as i don't remember many from the past 2 years at all!! x

  6. Great outfit. I love those shoes, stylish and comfortable, I really find that hard to find in shoes.

  7. i love butterflies xxxx


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