A Handbag Story

There's a handbag vibe going on in the blog this weekend. Have you entered my competition yet? It closes on Sunday night (27th May) so don't delay. 10 prizes up for grabs!
But back to today's my nude patent bag - 5 years old or thereabouts..

I've brought this bag to restaurants, work, soft play, pubs, shops and hospital appointments. And I've had a compliment in every one of these places. This bag cost me £5 in the Next sale. It's paid for itself many times over! But it's in worse condition than it looks and needs replacing so when Next contacted me and offered me a new bag, I didn't have to think about it for long as I'd already had my eye on this one:

Now, I'm a fan of an expensive handbag as much as the next girl but for day-to-day toddler group and other kid-related activities, I prefer to have a practical, wipe clean, neutral bag that I can fit spare pants (not mine) wipes and my little ponies (also not mine) into and still have room for my purse. I'm also a big fan of bags with multiple pockets and sections and this bag ticked that box too. And the price - £22!
Here I am with my new bag down at the River Lagan a few days ago at Belfast's Big Fish..
Look at that monkey in the background!
Click here to read about my outfit
You can read about the big fish here. All I know about it is that you are not allowed put your 8yo son up on top of it for a photo or a very scary woman will shout at you. That is a fact.
Easy Living winner announced soon - watch this space!!!


  1. Anonymous01:28

    The new bag is beautifully sleek! Nice pick x

  2. LOL on the scary woman! Random busybody or someone actually to do with said big fish?


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