I'm in the Daily Mail Today!

After a few weeks of waiting, today sees my little blog featured in the Daily Mail - yes, the actual DAILY MAIL! If you're reading this because you saw the article, thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy it and please enter my competition before you go :)
If you're reading this and you've not got your Daily Mail yet, what are you waiting for?! 
In the process of pulling the article together, I ended up doing two photo shoots - can you imagine the stress!! What to wear - especially when I was told there was no black and no denim allowed! The first lot of photos weren't used in the end so I thought I'd share them today..

So I'm cheating a little as this is what I wore last week, not today, but it's not often you get quality photos like this on my blog (no 3 year old let loose with the digital camera today!)
I'm wearing a blue silky blouse that I picked up in French Connection (see my 'investment Buy' post from yesterday) & stone skinny jeans that I bought last summer in A-Wear (similar ones from New Look). My wedge shoes are really old ones from Primark that I dig out every now and again as they are a great neutral colour. I've linked to some M&S wedge sandals that are a similar colour. And now for some lounging on the sofa poses...
The necklace is from Primark too - still in store at the moment and only £4. They're available in a silver colour too and are brilliant for jazzing up a colour block outfit like today's.
So it's back to porridge tomorrow with just me and my little digi camera but that's what the blog is all about - keeping it real! Have a great Bank Holiday Monday and don't forget to check out the other blogs featured in the Daily Mail article - all the links are here on my homepage.

PS Thanks to Justin Kernoghan for supplying the photos and for endlessly fielding questions from my twins about whether he knew Mr Tumble and if he lived with a robot called Robert. :D


  1. Anonymous09:11

    You're brave! Their comments section is often a cesspool of hungry piranhas, but hey did read it and popped it and I don't bite.

    1. Oh, Tabitha. You bite, but only when it's most important. LOL. :)

      Wasn't the comments section a bit much, really? Yowza, some of the commenters truly lay it all out there, so to speak.

  2. Anonymous14:18

    The necklace is a stunner, fabulous photos and I love the blog! Well done for doing what we all wish for.

  3. You look great and I think the article was fab ... I'm now following this blog and look forward to seeing what you're wearing on the school run tomorrow!

  4. Love the photos and your necklace, can't believe it's Primark, thought it was Stella and Dot when I saw it. Congratulations again, we shouldn't be doing coffee but champagne! xx

  5. I love that first photo Avril...pity it wasn't used, might have left a few mouths open!! That blue is definitely your colour:) Have a great week.Xx

  6. Anonymous21:33

    I love your sofa! Congratulations on getting into the DM.

  7. Great article. Always a delight to dicover a new blog.

  8. Well done, love the blog .... and I rarely go near the school gates (except for collecting nieces and nephews !!)

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments! What an amazing exciting day. Special thanks to Tabitha for the description of the Daily Mail commenters - a cesspool of hungry pirahanas...LOVE IT! xx

  10. A cesspool of hungry pirahanas who can't be bothered to get off their arses and do something proactive in their lives. Definitely from the school of thought that 'if you can't be arsed improving yourself, just pull everyone down who dares to try'. So proud of you Avril. You are smart, sassy and inspiring. xo

  11. Those pirahanas made me really cross yesterday - people with empty lives who have nothing better to do than bitch about people they are jealous of.....
    Anyway, love the first shot here Avs, you look stunning - that blue really suits you.
    Proud of you Mrs xx

  12. Great article, and I'm an avid follower of your blog. Ignore the haters! x

  13. Carrie7421:19

    I LOVE this outfit. Unfortunately the blue's not showing on the FC website [sad face].

    Thanks for this blog. Would love some ideas for [gulp] swimwear.

  14. Like Tabitha I popped over after I saw the article - wow, where does all that venom come from? Nice to meet you anyway, Jody living in Bay Area, Ca (used to live in London) You're doing a great job.


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