My Boden Wishlist

I've got Boden on my mind today. Today was their Autumn/Winter 2012 Press Preview day and I was delighted to be invited along but the downside to living in Belfast is that I can't just pop over to London for a few hours..more's the pity! So instead of spending the day lusting over the AW12 range, I spent this evening lusting over their current range and compiling a wish list of what's great on their website right now. As it's a wish list, I can be a bit more generous with my budget - a girl can dream :)
Smart Leather Bag £79.20 
Embellished Gladiators £63.20
Deuville Jacket £67.15 
Skinny Jeans - £50.15
Flowerburst Scarf - £24.65
Stitch Detail Dress - £44.10
Chic Beaded Top £41.65
Stripy Tunic £33.15 
Wallet £21.25 
Embellished Top £33.75
Velvet Carnaby Jacket £42.30
Some of these items are in the Clearance so stock is limited. The non-clearance prices include 15% off using code M684 at the checkout. This also gets you free delivery! Hope you like my choices from Boden...I'm off to find a wooly jumper and fill my hot water bottle because that's what you do in the middle of May in baltic Belfast! See you tomorrow... :)


  1. Not sure if I am too old to do the coloured jean thing? (I'm 50 - what do you think?) Those purple ones are fantastic.

    1. Not at all! I think they are a great look at any age - it's all about how you style them. That colour is lovely - I'm SO tempted. Thanks for dropping by Jody - all the way from CA too! x

  2. Oh, good on you for being invited! I am definitely jealous. I wish they would invite American bloggers. ;)

    Good picks. I own the stitch detail dress and think it is fab for out and about in daily living as a mom. I also love the flower burst scarf, I own it in grey and it goes with so much.

    The embellished silk top in the clearance section is on my mind, but even at the second reduction in price is still a bit rich for my blood. If they reduced it by 10 pounds or 15 dollars, I would likely bite. Johnnie, if you are reading this, show me that you agree. LOL.

    1. Hey Dina - thanks for dropping by!! We are SO on the same wavelength here and I do hope Johnnie or one of his team hears us. It's a gorgeous top but just a tad overpriced still. It was only £19 on Brand Alley the other week but I missed out on my size.
      It was lovely to be invited by Boden - but unfortunately, they can't cover the cost of getting there....suggested to DH that maybe we should move to England for the good of my blog but he wasn't keen for some reason.. ;) xx

    2. Anonymous19:11

      Me too Dina - we need to campaign for a US press day!!!

    3. Anonymous19:12

      Me too Dina - we need to campaign for a US press day!

  3. Ooooh them jeans! LOVE xx

  4. I do love a little bit of Boden for design staples, those jeans are a gorgeous colour!


  5. I love the sandals. I regret not buying their leopard print ones last year. I am currently patiently waiting for my breton top and have no idea how many weeks I am into the 7 week waiting list but it will be nice when it arrives out of the blue x

  6. A big boden fan here - much to my bank balances horror! I just placed an order yesterday for the canterbury tunic and the wrap jersey top. And now you have tempted me more. Loving your blog, but its going to be expensive I have just placed my first order with room31 lol! Thankyou :-)

  7. Anonymous19:09

    Love your picks here but I'm already lusting after the items shown to the press - I am so excited about AW 2012!!!

  8. Anonymous19:14

    p.s. I have the stripy tunic in all 4 colors and adore it - here's the dusk one

  9. Hey there, back again, "shout out" (American for praise) for you today on my blog...

    1. Fancy seeing you here, Jody. Thanks again for the shout out too. I think it's wonderful that there are indeed more positive rather than negative comments. Good on you, Avril for representing us mom bloggers!

      BTW, I try not to peek at Boden website too often. Too many temptations there.

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