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I don't talk too much about my kids on this blog but indulge me for once because my amazing 8 year old boy won 'Try-scorer of the Year' at his Rugby Club this week. He got a big silver cup with his name engraved on it. I couldn't have been more proud. So I got a photo with him immediately afterwards..smiley happy faces!
Today I'm wearing a taupe breton tunic which was sent to me by Boden last week.
I have to say a bit thank you to the team at Boden who've been so supportive of my blog right from the start. I'm a huge fan and this tunic didn't disappoint. I love that it's breton style but not red or blue. The stripes are taupe and cream so I was able to wear it with this cream H&M scarf (similar) I've had in my wardrobe since last summer.
As an avid tunic wearer, I was pleased to find the length is perfect - nothing worse than a too long tunic - it must be mid thigh! This one's perfect for me at 5'6" (and three quarters). The pockets are brilliant too. Every mum needs pockets in her clothes!
Wearing today with French Connection skinny jeans and stone coloured mary janes (last seen in this post) as once again, it was too cold for toes. But before we complain too much about this rainy cold May, today is my wedding anniversary and I can confirm that it rained on this day 9 years ago....but I hardly noticed as Mr School Gate Style and I got married....without telling anyone beforehand!
Wearing a Day et Birger Mikkelsen coat & scarf & a Part Two Shift Dress
outside Belfast City Hall. I was phoning my mother to tell her we just got married!
On the staircase of City Hall with the best husband I've ever had ;)

See you all tomorrow x


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love that tunic!
    We all love Boden at too!

    I also love the big scarf with it

  2. hehe!! Happy anniversary honey!! And big congrats to Callum!! You're rocking Av!!!

    1. Hi Ciara! Thanks you remember me ringing you? And Monty Kelly and Bronte were playing away in the background :( ...a great day xx

  3. Anonymous10:30

    Happy anniversary and well done to your little boy :-) The tunic looks fab on you - I've had this on my wishlist for a while now - would you say it's true to size? Thanks Emma

    1. Hi Emma - I would. I'm a 10 on top and am wearing a 10 and it's not tight on me - just a nice fit. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment x

  4. Anonymous11:11

    Happy Anniversary!!! I have all 4 of these tunics and love them - I'm wearing the dusk one here

    It looks great on you!!!

  5. Sian13:22

    awwww. such a sweet post....brought tears to my eyes...Happy Anniversary and many many more. I had my twenty fifth last year...still so much in love with my gorgeous man. Brilliant blog x

  6. You have every right to be proud of your boy and it's lovely to see him featured. Just thinking - how about an article on kids clothes shopping?

  7. Lily13:37

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband, Avril! You looked amazing on your wedding day!

    I also got married 9 years ago today and it was raining in Donegal too!

  8. Littledolly13:42

    Happy Anniversary Avril - what a wonderful story!

    I've only just discovered your blog recently (in fact it's the only one I follow!) and just love it. As a Queen's employee, I was delighted to see yout photos from the Great Hall yesterday.

    All the best for whatever you have planned today.

  9. Happy anniversary! How romantic (and what a stylish bride)! My husband and I ran off and got married too, in New York. Have a lovely day x

  10. This post is making me well up on so many levels! Cute son with big cup, free boden Breton top when I paid for my two,and your beautiful wedding comments.......congrats Avril. Biggest fan of your blog here!!(and I'm not your mum!)

  11. Lovely post. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photos are beautiful and the Boden tunic looks great. x

  12. fivefoottwowitheyesofblue19:14

    Just wanted to say you looked amazing on your wedding day! Happy Anniversary to you :)

  13. Well done to your son! I can't believe you got married like that! Love it!

  14. Happy Anniversary :) Just wanted to say you spoke really well at the CIPR event today! x

  15. Anonymous20:06

    Hi. Happy Anniversary. You looked beautiful on your Wedding Day. Like a film star! Hope you have a lovely evening and well done to your little boy too. x

  16. Anonymous22:19

    Happy Anniversary!! I remember the day like it was yesterday!! The news spread very quickly. Still looking gorgeous!! Lyn

  17. Ah, you should always put in tidbits about your family! I love reading about other, what a great way to connect! :) I love that last photo of you and Mr. SGS. So wonderful. And your son, what a proud young man!

    That Breton tunic is perfection on you. I have a feeling my readers are gonna love seeing it on you...and Boden will see a big uptick in Boden US orders for this tunic. LOL. I am sure Boden UK saw a big uptick from this post already! :)

  18. I love those stripes! <3 and of course - huge congratulations!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  19. Claire07:28

    Just found your blog and enjoying catching up with the archives.

    Well done to your little boy on his rugby award. My boy has just finished his first season and got an award for the player with the Highest Work Rate in the U6 group, he loves his rugby so much.

    Not sure if I will be able to watch when it goes to full contact!

  20. Hope you had a lovely anniversary Avril! Not sure what my mother would have said if I hadn't told her I was getting married:) I love your wedding of my favourite designers!

  21. Love the brown stripes - congrats to him!

  22. Aw how gorgeous - love your wedding pic & such a romantic story (will tell you mine some time!). You're just right to be proud of your gorgeous boy & I love the tunic too. Your figure is amazing & I like I sad the other night you look even lovelier in real life you lucky lady!

    Nic x


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