Awesome Changing Rooms!

I know this title doesn't sound like much but stick with me - it's a good 'un! 
It's a real PITA shopping with kids...but for most mums, it's unavoidable and if you're a shopping addict like me, you will struggle in to actual shops no matter how much real life tries to stop you. However, shops don't seem to want us to....they would rather we didn't bring our kids...or so you would think if you've ever man-handled a double buggy around Primark. Online shopping took on a much greater appeal after that experience.
But wouldn't it be lovely to find a shop that actually welcomes kids, gives them something to do while you shop AND gives you the most amazing changing room experience with room for humongous buggies? Well, I've done the hard work for you..welcome to White Stuff!
Sorry the first photo is a bit fuzzy but I think you get the sense of the size of these fitting rooms...with leather armchairs & a tented den for the kids to play in. And now for the best bit, the actual changing rooms themselves are decorated like rooms in a vintage house, each one different. Here's just a few of the 10 changing rooms:
Boys room - complete with an Atari & football wallpaper
Bathroom (without fittings!)
Retro Bedroom
Garden Shed
and my choice...the kitchen
where Katie got to play with some fruit and veg while I tried on clothes
Such lovely touches - retro groceries on the shelf!
There was plenty of room for me to try on and even though I thought White Stuff wasn't for me, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the gorgeous prints in the sale.
Didn't get to try on the last two items - nature called (not for me). The joy of shopping with children once again! But I still have my eye on that maxi skirt.
As if that wasn't enough, there's also a small cinema room with cartoons playing on a big screen and proper cinema seats. Ihear it's a firm favourite with the dads!
So a plea to other retailers...look and learn. I had never been in White Stuff before but I will be back because I feel welcomed with my children. Well done for investing in an important demographic White Stuff :)


  1. That sounds like the most amazing store. Is it a chain or just a one off? It really does make a difference. I boycotted shaws in Carlow because they had the children's department in the far corner upstairs with no elevator. You would have to drag the buggy up two flights of stairs or leave the child and buggy downstairs. We all complained but nothing changed. So simple. Just don't shop there. Well done white stuff. I don't have small children anymore but any shop that cares for customers deserves support.

  2. Anonymous18:54

    Glad you enjoyed White Stuff - it's one of my favourite shops - we have one in town and the staff are fab - they know my children by name and often entertain them while I'm shopping! Lovely clothes too! Emma x

  3. Wow - I'm so impressed with their changing rooms and it is crazy that more shops don't cater for mums like White Stuff.

    The clothes look really nice too .




  4. I've never been in store but I have my eye on one of their dresses for my holiday on the John Lewis website x

  5. There is a White STuff in St Albans..... :)

  6. I LOVE whitestuff - have been a fan since they came to Belfast & i adore their changing rooms too :)


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