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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Amanda from Hand on Heart Jewellery asking if I would like to review one of their personalised jewellery items. I own a Pandora bracelet and had often thought about getting beads that in some way represented my kids so this was a well timed approach! I decided to go for a cube memory bead for my twins, showing a photo and a handprint of each girl and a round memory bead for my son:
So how does the process work? Well, Hand on Heart sent me a printing pack in the post and the first step was to rub the kids' hands with a special wipe, which was colourless and practically odourless - it had a slightly oily texture which made it easy to ensure it spread all over their hands.
I then had to gently press their hands onto a card that immediately shows the print so you can make sure you have a good impression. There was room on the card to put two of each child's hand, which was good if there was an accidental smudge!
They enjoyed the process and it was very easy to get them involved in it - not stressful as some of these things can be!

We then posted them off in the pre-paid envelope and I separately emailed photos of the children to Amanda. She can work with most sized photos and with most prints, even if a little smudged. The communication was great, with regular emails keeping me updated on the progress of my order and within a week or so, I got this fabulous parcel in the post:
What a lovely touch putting three mini packs of Love Hearts in the box! The white box contained two smaller white boxes with my two charms - here are some views of the different sides:

So cute!! I am delighted with them and couldn't wait to thread them onto my bracelet:

The charms I chose are priced from £20 (round) and £22 (cube) each, depending on what options you go for (pictures/prints etc). I think this is great value considering the cost of most Pandora beads. 
What if you don't have a Pandora bracelet? Well, the good news is you can order a wide range of products from the Hand on Heart range, charms, bangles, necklaces, cufflinks...and more. Click here to see all the products available. 
Other lovely options include using your scan picture if you're pregnant or if you have a dog or cat, using a paw print! Love it - there truly is something for everyone. Finally for all my international readers, Hand on Heart do deliver worldwide. 

What a wonderful concept and a great present idea - I'm already thinking of all the birthdays and occasions coming up for me! Hope you like my new charms - thank you for reading :)

Thanks to Hand on Heart Jewellery for sending me two gorgeous charms free of charge. I was not under any obligation to blog about them but was honestly so pleased (and quite emotional) about my charms that I just had to tell you all! 



  1. Ginaribena07:42

    They are lovely a wonderful idea, so reasonably priced too. Would make great gifts.

    Might have to treat myself now!

  2. These look lovely - and your kids are just adorable !

  3. Im totally getting one of these for my mum for christmas!

  4. Anonymous09:27

    Sooo lovely. V tempting.

  5. What a wonderful idea,love these :)

  6. Catherine21:34

    I want the paw print round silver beads for Caffrey and Remy....just not sure how I'm going to get them to sit still long enough to put paw to paper so to speak! X

  7. Heather22:34

    I am lucky enough to already have so many beautiful bits from hand on heart, a necklace with both my sons handprints and names, silver pandora beads with both my dogs paw prints. I think one of these beads with photos on is next on my list.
    Catherine, the pawprints were really easy to do, you get a full a4 piece of card so I got them both to do lots of prints, they were very hairy and smudged but they cleaned up the paws before they put them on the bead

  8. I love these I've been looking at their fb page and I will be purchasing . Truly lovely the whole process the packaging . It's an experience . Well done hand on heart

  9. I love these I've been looking at their fb page and I will be purchasing . Truly lovely the whole process the packaging . It's an experience . Well done hand on heart

    1. It will be true that the combination of sapphire gemstones and diamonds are very popular in many jewelry include diamond pendants.

  10. This is so lovely! The best I have ever seen, it has a personal touch of a mother. So adorable.


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