Maxi Dresses & the perils of vacuuming...

Didn't think I'd have time for another post before I head to Tipp but Friday worked out well and I managed to do this one and another for Monday. Spoiling you...I know :)

I have to say, I'm not a big fan of wearing patterned maxi dresses. I like them on other women but on me, I am never sure if they are not just a bit 'too much' - I much prefer a plain (preferably dark) one. However, although I've never bought a patterned one myself, I do have two in my wardrobe. One I got at my clothes swap and I've not worn it yet, and the other got an airing for the first time today. It was given to me by a friend and I like that it's got black in the pattern and isn't too girly...
Photographer today was the 3 year there were lots of 'have you got mummy's head in the photo - and mummy's feet at the same time?'
The dress is by Apricot and unlike many maxi dresses, it has proper straps. It's quite low cut though, so I paired it with a black vest underneath.
My sandals are the bargain Matalan sandals that I featured last week and my cardigan is an old H&M black cropped one - I have loads of these from past season at H&M and they come in so useful year after year.
My maxi guidelines? 
  • Find something with a bit of structure on top, preferably one you can wear a bra with and ideally one with a waistband. Maxi's with high empire lines can lead to pregnancy rumours!
  • Avoid overly fussy prints - you'll not wear it if it's too bright or flowery. If you get a plain one or one with black in the pattern, you can style for day or night.
  • Personal opinion here but I think you should only ever wear maxi's with flat sandals and ensure your hem just skims the ground. I don't find wedges with maxi's flattering. You should be able to glide along in comfort - not clump along in a wedge with your hem 4 inches off the ground.
  • Don't vacuum when wearing a maxi...when you go to scoot around the corners with the hoover hose, it will suck up your dress. Actually, to be totally sure of not damaging any of your clothing, just don't vacuum ever. Kids love hoovering and actually enjoy clearing swathes of lego and random plastic tat and that ensures no guilt for mum!
Off now to do some DIY pampering...had a Tesco haul earlier and the grey hair will be history once more. Also picked up this Amie daily moisturiser for just £2.97. It's got UVA and UVB filters, SPF 15, free of parabens, sulphates and mineral oils and smells lovely thanks to natural fruit oils. Finally, my desert island beauty product...Batiste Dry Shampoo..never ever go anywhere without it.
Have a great weekend! x



  1. Dress looks great on you! I'm the same with plain and patterned maxi dresses - I always wear plain (although the one I'm planning on wearing today does have some detail down the front

    Have a good weekend

  2. Loving the dress on you, looks fabulous!

    Leopard and Lillies

  3. Anonymous10:17

    The dress really suits you and I couldn't agree more with the flats and maxi's comment! Even worse when you see girls clobbering about with platform boots and maxis :S Awch sure whatever you're comfortable in ;) Totally taking that hoover advice... is 2 years old enough?

    1. Definitely!! At that age, I used to finish the hoovering and then give them it to play with for a bit...does no harm!! Avril x

  4. I think it looks fab on you and I love the pattern. Well done for getting ahead with the Blog, wish I had one in the "Bag" so to speak but work has taken over this week! Take me back to Spain!

    1. Thanks Sharron - it's not often I have one in the bag but it's a nice feeling when you do. You've had a busy time of it - things will hopefully settle down this week? Avril x

  5. Are you sayng thet your 3 year old kid took these pictures? My kid would never be able to do that, how smart is yours?
    I love tvhis dress!

    1. I told her your comment today and she was so chuffed - "did a lady on the blog say that?" where her exact words! So cute - she's almost 4 though so you need to get training now! lol xx

  6. I love the fact that your three year old took this photo! Great dress.. and I agree, flat sandals work best and I laughed out loud when you reminded us it's best not to vacuum!

    Good for you for doing your own hair! It's so $$$ to keep going in for touch ups.


    1. Thanks are right about the touch ups - I now only pay for a good cut...never for a colour. Wish I could afford it but it's just not a priority atm. Thanks for your lovely comment, Avril x

  7. Great pictures from your little one :) love your maxi dress,i agree flats are best.... i'm forever tripping up stair when i wear mine i always stand on the front lol...

  8. totally cute your dress, i really love ittttt

    have a nice day!


  9. Oh avril that's so funny about ur three year old and taking the photos well u have a budding photographer there really great photos and i love the maxi on u its fabulous i love apricot maxis they are always great designs and i agree wit u i don't like to fussy a print either. Ur garden is fab too and i love love batiste dry shampoo what a great invention. I sometimes vacuum in my dressing gown and i agree not a good idea to vacuum in long clothes!! Hope ur all well happy Monday big kiss from Dublin xx leonie.

  10. I like maxi's but not sure if they like me. I find walking upstairs in a maxi can be quite interesting too. If you catch your hem - indecent boob exposure!

    I like the print - it makes a nice change from all the florals out there.


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