Pretty Birds, Yellow Shoes & the End of the Sales

Is it just me or are the end of the sales a bit disappointing? I took a quick look at the Warehouse sale rail today, expecting everything to be well reduced and was surprised it wasn't. Lots of items were only marked down by about £5 or £10. One blouse was still £35. Seriously's almost September - you're running out of time to sell this stuff off! Dorothy Perkins was similar - lots of items still £25+...maybe my penny pinching expectations are too high! Tell me if you know when it's all going to be cut to £5 :)
As I felt like a bit of colour after a few days of grey/blush/black, I wore my Linea bird print dress/tunic today. 
Close-up of the bird print - love this dress (last worn here)
Today was a chance to catch up with some great friends - Claire in the morning and Colette in the evening <hic>...I also met a new friend, Tricia (thanks for the bikes!) and had my nails done again with the lovely Alicia at Bliss Nails.
Wearing my H&M jeans turned up (the dress doesn't seem to suit full length jeans - not sure why?) and I stuck to flat Hobbs loafers as I had lots of running about to do - here's a close up of the shoes:
Will leave you with the ridiculous and impractical blush & black shoes I resisted buying in Dorothy Perkins...they look rubbish in the website photo but are gorgeous in real life. Only £15 but seriously...where would I wear them?! Talk me into them please!! :)



  1. You look fab, and are those shoes at the end lace?! If so, get them! They are perfect for years and years and everyone needs a pair! I got rid of an old pair bc I thought I'd never wear mine, and now regret! Xx. Pip

  2. You could wear them with a simple jeans! I love that birdy dress!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. If you love a pair of shoes you will find lots of ways to wear them - go back and get them now!! You will wear and wear them!!! They are fabulous! X

  4. Anonymous08:22

    BUY. THE. SHOES. AVRIL. :D treat yourself and those style of shoes could be dressed up or down, they're gorgeous!
    You are SO right about the sales point and it's really starting to annoy me, it's the same online as well. Sales really are not what they used to me! xx

  5. Dressed down....skinnies, nude vest, black blazer. let the shoes do all the work.

    Soften them...picking up on the ballet vibe, floaty chiffon skirt, scoop neck black t

  6. Buy them! They're gorgeous. They're the price of one decent bottle of wine & will last much longer lol! You'll kick yourself if you don't. Really don't think that this is a purchase you'd regret!

  7. I love the birds print, it's so cute and whimsy! Those heels are pretty fabulous.. you could wear them on date nights, to parties, to weddings, to girls night out, drinks with friends, dinner with friends... should I go on?? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Anonymous17:56

    Buy the shoes!!!!!!! Then find an occasion to wear them!

  9. gorgeous dress! have a great weekend.x

    ♥ ThankFifi

  10. Oh I would definately get the shoes :) date night?

    Enjoy your weekend

  11. Whoo lovely the shoes Christmas is coming and they would look fab!! i say this to all my heels i buy hehe trouble is at Christmas i only go out a few times... love your dress :-)

  12. Whoo lovely the shoes Christmas is coming and they would look fab!! i say this to all my heels i buy hehe trouble is at Christmas i only go out a few times... love your dress :-)


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