A Trip to the Market

Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of St George's Market in Belfast, but until the other weekend, I'd never visited it on a Sunday before. Saturdays are always really busy so it made a change to visit on a quieter day.
We firstly called to my good friend Ciara from Smudge Illustration. Ciara was one of the first friends I made when I moved up to Belfast. She's changed her career totally after having children and has most definitely found a niche with her unique Belfast inspired art. 
As we wandered around, I didn't realise the David Baily wannabe was snapping away behind us! I loved this photo so much, I entered it into Seasalt's 'Shoot Your Jute' (bag) competition!
We picked up some cupcakes from another friend and fellow blogger, 

Next, I popped by to see the Hidden Pearls stall, which has a fab range of gently used clothes and accessories. Almost bought a handbag...but resisted and now can't stop thinking about it...Pearl is pictured here in front of her stall:
My outfit photo is a little different to the usual. I decided to take part in ThankFifi's #TheDailyDown - a looking down photo of what you're wearing. I tweet these to Wendy @Thankfifi, using the hashtag #TheDailyDown and Wendy features her favourites on her blog. Great idea - way easier than mirror photos - take it from an expert. If you're on twitter, you should give it a go!
Dress - Kookai
Sandals - Matalan
Scarf - Benetton
Jeans - H&M
Bracelets - Pandora, Links of London & gifted
And with this post, I don't expect you'll see the sandals or white jeans again in 2012. The chill in the air this week has brought the boots and socks back out...roll on autumn winter!


  1. Looks like a fab market some great pictures there. Have a great weekend xx

  2. such a fabulous market! so jealous, i miss markets!


    Leopard and Lillies

  3. It reminds me of th eone in Covent Garden.

  4. Oh I'm tempted to go tomorrow morning! Love this looking down photo, esp how it starts with your jewellry!

    nic x

  5. Looks like a fab market. Always hate it when you almost buy something and then don't and you then can't stop thinking about it. I did this with a top yesterday in a charity shop and what's the betting it's gone when I go back? Love the photos too and the cupcakes look yummy. Know what you mean about about packing the summer stuff away :( xxx

  6. Looks like a great market,I manage my sandals again today but you can feel the chill in the air early morning /evening :)

  7. Loving that scarf with the freshness of the white trou, you and the kiddies look lovely.

  8. Anonymous23:52

    Stunning Scarf. lov'in ur blog :D *new follower*

  9. That market looks great. You're right about the white trousers, definitely time to put them away until next year, although have to admit, I'm kinda' looking forward to getting back into my boots again this Autumn

  10. What a fabulous looking market, one of the best ways to spend a morning! You look so chic and stylish and your kids are adorable! x

  11. I love a good stroll around a market too! Great photos Avril...hope you are enjoying the weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  12. Not been to a good market in ages - it seems such hard work with Ben and George. I'm sorting out my winter wardrobe too ... time for a transition methinks.

  13. Lovely photos Avril.

    My white jeans are away
    but am finding it very hard to know
    what to wear these days....

    Have a lovely week

    x Fiona


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