Autumn Must Have Number 4 - Great Jeans

The uniform of the school gate mum at least a few days a week, a great pair of jeans will make you look and feel fabulous. Apart from occasional forays into floral and coloured jeans, I mostly wear dark denim as it flatters all figures and shapes and matches virtually everything in my wardrobe.
H&M Skinny - £9.99
Boden Bootcut - £49
The skinny/bootcut decision is a personal taste one, though I do urge you to try both if you don't already. I get emails frequently from people who tell me they feel they can't wear skinny jeans. Now we're coming into Winter, grab a pair for £9.99 in H&M and pop your long boots over them and you'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago. And you'll be showing off your lovely long boots too!
If you've already got the skinny and bootcut going on, how about some more casual rolled up jeans? Again keeping the colour on the darker side of blue..
Oasis - £48
Or if you want something a little looser than a skinny but more fitted than a bootcut, Gap gets my vote for the best straight jeans:
Gap Real Straight Jeans - £44.95
My three rules about buying denim - Buy Dark, Tight & Long. You should be beating yourself into your jeans as they slacken with time (just like the rest of us). Make sure they are a little longer than you want as they shorten with washing and stick to darker shades. 
But that's as much as I know, so I now pass you over to Queen of Jeans & Denim Guru, Donna Ida. Click on the image below to access Donna's denim clinic where you can click on your body shape and watch a video of which jean shapes will best suit you...hope you enjoy!
Thanks to everyone who has sent a School Gate Style photo to me - loving them all! If you want to be in the draw for a pampering prize, send me a picture of you on the school run to See you tomorrow for the 5th and last Autumn Must Have x


  1. Couldn't agree more, I love a good pair of skinny jeans!

    Leopard and Lillies

  2. loving the H&M bargain jeans!! x

  3. Totally agree - life would not be complete without dark denim jeans - love your choices :)



  4. Anonymous13:19

    This is my fall down area, with a bum like mine getting jeans to fit is nigh on impossible :(

  5. Oh avril thanks so much for ur lovely comment u are just so kind. Great tips here thanks for sharing can u believe iv never bought a pair of jeans that i was happy with. Always just something wrong wit them. I so need new pair for the autumn hope u and family are well and having great week big kiss my lovely friend xx leonie

  6. Great selection. I like the first!


  7. Totally agree with your comment re skinny jeans and long boots. Love that look. I'm wondering however, if you think the rolled up jeans work on smaller people. Does it not shorten the leg even more? And my other question is regarding the boot cut jean. I've always had a soft spot for boot cut as I think they're very flattering, but you see them on so few people anymore that I just assumeed they were no longer in fashion?

    1. I wear bootcut !- they make your legs look long! X

  8. You are so right!!! I live in jeans and skinnys in the colder weather. My fav jeans are Johnny Q as they come in inbetween sizes, 9,11,13 etc as well as the normal sizes and they are cut in at the back so they don't gape like so many jeans do - love them!! Perfect fit. X

  9. I love my Top Shop Martha jeans but they don't make them anymore :(

  10. I'm in serious need of jean shopping!! Love these suggestions- they are all affordable!
    A's Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  11. Kath07:36

    Thanks for sharing the bargain H&M jeans. I love skinny jeans and have a wardrobe full, but am on a long, slow mission to loose baby weight and hate buying new clothes that I don't want to really fit into!! However I decided that I could justify spending less than a tenner on a pair of jeans so decided to order and found a code on their website that gets you 10% off and free delivery. So nice new pair of jeans winging their way to me now for £8.99 - fab! Thanks Avril x

  12. It really is jeans all the way for me - love my skinnies - I also love the rolled up version (do that a lot with my own in summer)! I'm only small and don't think it shortens my leg or makes me look smaller - I just love the look! x

  13. The Gap Straight leg is my favorite option...I think that fit is always chic ;)


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