Rainy Days & Mondays - Merrell Wakefield & Ellenwood

It has not stopped raining all day. Our garden has slowly turned into an outdoor pool and we have been indoors all day (apart from my super enthusiastic 8 year old who insisted on going to outdoor athletics at 6pm - with just 3 other brave children). I've just seen the forecast and gales are about to hit. Sigh. BUT as a wise woman once said, there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing...
Merrell Wakefield in Heather Marl
Navy Jersey Top - Dorothy Perkins
White Vest - Primark
Jeans - H&M
Grey Patent Boots - Clarks (old)
Navy Quilted Bag - Vintage from Vintage Pintage
Necklace - Vintage from Jacob Street
The Merrell Wakefield has made its autumn winter debut. Lifesaving coat. That is all. It was last featured here and here and a few other times too but I won't bore you with too many old posts. 
What I love is it's got the shape and fit of a regular coat, with a flattering nipped in waist and it comes in neutral colours that don't fight with the rest of your wardrobe. However, unlike regular coats, you will not get wet wearing this. I've tested it rigorously...including at the now famous playgroup trip to the farm where it rained for the whole visit AND the bus broke down (not that the broken down bus tested the coat much - just my patience). 
For AW2012, the Wakefield's been rebranded as the Merrell Ellenwood - in case you're wondering why it's not widely available. I've listed some stockists of both the Wakefield and the Ellenwood at the bottom of this post as well as some pointers on buying one yourself. 
Today's photos were taken in the House of Fraser changing rooms as I waited for Mr SGS to try on some shirts. Nice mirrors..could do with one at home! Here's what was under the wonder coat:
It's a simple outfit today in classic navy. I love this jersey top from DP's. It's loose in the body with tighter arms and is slightly sheer - perfect for this in-between weather, especially when wearing the insulated Merrell. My ankle boots are past season Clarks. I am strangely drawn to grey patent..
My necklace was a bargain from the Lisburn Road based vintage store, Jacob Street. The pendant is made from mother of pearl - a neutral stone that will work with lots of outfits, but it can be taken off, allowing the solid necklace part to be worn alone or with another pendant. Walking into Jacob Street, I was like a child in a toy shop but my kids were like bulls in a china shop so a revisit is on the cards...sans enfants..
A Few Pointers on the Merrell Wakefield
Insulation: There are two types of Wakefield, insulated and un-insulated. The latter is less expensive but given the offers on many sites, it can sometimes be difficult to work out which coat is being offered. Mine is insulated so is super cosy in winter time. The un-insulated version is going to work well year round but will need a fleece layer in colder months
Sizing: I wear a size 10 (S) in the insulated version. I'm a 10 on top and 12 on the bottom half. It's a perfect snug fit on me though I cannot wear a thick jumper underneath (but am not a jumper wearer anyway and it doesn't really need it in our climate). If you are larger in the bust or want to wear heavier knits, size up or consider the non-insulated version.

This is not an inexpensive coat and I'm not suggesting any cheaper alternatives. I've foolishly spent £50-70 on rubbish coats, 2 and 3 winters in a row, that did not keep me dry and warm AND I've spent similar money on ski-style coats that come out when it snows but I'd never want to be seen in at any other time. This is your one-size-fits-all coat. Stylish, bum-covering, totally waterproof. Suitable for the school run, coffee with the girls, toddler group, walking the dogs and making snow angels. AND I reckon it will still be keeping me dry in 5 years or more....that makes it utterly bargainous in my books :)



  1. That is one stylish rain coat ... & I have those same boots from Clarks. Like you, I'm strangely drawn to grey patent and they are seriously comfortable. Really nice outfit :)

    1. Thanks Helen! I LOVE these shoes! Got them in the sale and they are a half size too big but I wanted them so much, I wear with thermal socks! lol! Avx

  2. Fab look Avril, I love the necklace. :-) (Nice changing rooms indeed!) Thanks for all the helpful info on the coat as well - sounds wonderful! x

  3. I really like the layering look! Your necklace is beautiful too!

  4. Anonymous23:22

    I love the Merrell coat and have just found the black version online for £79.97 on GoOutdoors website, bargain, but can only collect, no delivery!

    1. Good for you - that's a brilliant price! x

  5. Adorable outfit ! Loooove that coat so much !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  6. I wore a coat very similar on Monday. Love the blue top.

  7. Thanks for the sizing advice- am in need of a new winter coat xx

  8. Sounds like a great winter coat and I love that necklace - gorgeous x

  9. Nice look there (and I like your make up too!). I too bit the bullet last year and spent a lot of money on a similar styled Helly Hansen coat and it's great - not too bulky but warm and waterproof. Don't know how I managed before.

  10. You still look ten times better than I did yesterday and today. It is still bucketing it down! And you always manage a little accessory too. Something I must retrain myself to do.

  11. I am a fan of neutral color coats too,they go with everything !loved ur necklace!

  12. love your coat. I have a northface coat, not quite so stylish but warm and rain proof! its actually two coats in one - has coat inside a coat : )

  13. Jill12:39

    I am very tempted. Have been searching for a stylish waterproof jacket with a hood for ages and had pretty much given up. Have a Lands End down one for winter so the uninsulated one sounds great - living in the west of Scotland it rains all summer long and it is impossible to find something to wear with a hood that doesn't look like you are off ski-ing or hiking! Thanks for the tip. Had, of course, sworn off spending any more money at all but . . .

  14. Love the necklace - I never really knew what Jacob St sold ... perhaps I should stop one of these days instead of driving past wondering :) Your hair looking very good too - how about a blog on good hairdressers one day? I seriously struggle in Belfast to get a good haircut.

    1. Great idea...I do have a few recommendations actually. Have had great cuts in both Belfast and Lisburn. I'll add that to the blog plan - thank you! And yes, pull in next time you are passing Jacob Street. Even just for a look around...gorgeous stock! Avx

  15. I love the jacket and I love the necklace!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. It finally stopped raining here today! Hooray! Great necklace too.

  17. Lily13:17

    This was such a helpful blog post, I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous Ellenwood coat thanks to you :-) It truly is a fab coat, I haven't had a coat that keeps me warm and dry for as long as I can remember. Best investment I've made in a very long time. xx

  18. Helen22:01

    I was tempted to buy the Wakefield after one of your previous posts and this post gave me the push to look for one since my short North Face raincoat wasn't keeping me dry on the school run. I ended up ordering the uninsulated Ellenwood in the grey/green colour way from Black Leaf on Amazon, and absolutely love it. Have hardly worn my other coats and had lots of compliments. My only complaint is that the hood's too big for my small head and comes over my eyes so think I'll have to get it altered somehow, but it's a fab coat.

  19. Anonymous11:43

    Why don't buy the Merrell coat from Sports Direct?

    1. Hi, because a couple of my blog followers are in dispute with SD about exchanging their coat for a different size. Apparently they are ok if you know your size and don't need to return or exchange but given the bad experiences 2 of my readers had, I don't want to be seen to endorse this website. Hope this helps explain! Avril

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