Stormont Gate Style

A simple, speedily thrown together outfit for a trip to Stormont Parliament buildings today to walk around the grounds and go to their amazing playground - the girls' current favourite! I was doing dressy blog photos immediately before we left so had just 5 minutes to get changed and out the door. 
This Wallis scarf is proving to be a real go-to item in my wardrobe, as is the Kaleidoscope navy trench. It's more casual than my stone trench therefore better for this laid back day out.
Also wearing H&M skinny jeans, Clarks ballet pumps and a Zara white top. All items I've worn before because another aim of my blog is to show you how to mix and match existing items - it's not always necessary to buy new stuff...OMG, I sound like my husband <slaps self>
Here's where I've featured these items before:
Wallis Scarf (half way down this holiday post)
Wearing my glasses in the last shot...any other glasses wearers out there? I am struggling with mine at the moment. Wish I could find a pair that was on trend (preferably the geek chic trend), but neutral enough to not 'fight' with my outfits. I tend to take them off in the photos but would love to have a pair I could happily show off. Help me out specs wearers!


  1. Can't help on the specs I'm afraid. But love your look here. I also have a navy trench and it's been the most worn / versatile coat ever! Looks like a lovely day. :-)

  2. Talk to Iona about glasses!!! Lovely photos. I wear my wallis scarf a lot too. It's a great one. Thanks siobhan.

  3. Anonymous09:40

    As you know I wear specs (blind without them) mine are a wee budget pair from Specsavers who can be quite budget friendly.
    There are always contact lenses or laser eye surgery? My mum had the laser eye surgery and says it's the best thing she's ever done. I'm happy sticking with lenses for now I think lol But I too wish to find better glasses, I think framesdirect are online?

    Outfit is lovely, that coat is fab! xx

  4. I love the navy trench. Exactly what I'm after this Autumn. Great blog!

  5. As a varifocal wearer, I empathise! Ideally one should have a range of glasses for different outfits but they're so pricey when you factor in lens cost so I opt for a geeky pair from Red or Dead at Specsavers and contact lenses when they don't suit what I'm wearing. Mine have quite heavy black frames and leopard print at the side - they are nicer than they sound! Red or Dead have some nice geeky frames, some quite neutral at Specsavers (they no longer do my frame..)

    PS we love Stormont playground as well, we were there last Saturday, glorious sunshine unlike this week!

  6. As I am no longer allowed contacts and I can't afford LASIK and I am half blind *and* wear varifocals I went with a very dark tortoise shell pair of geek chic.

    I think dark goes better with most things.

  7. I went to Specsavers about two weeks ago for my eye check and as my prescription had altered, I thought I would take a look at what they had on offer. To be honest, I don't think I even got past the £25 mark as I found a pair I liked then ... though I didn't buy on the day but will be back to get them sorted when I have the time. I think the pair I saw in store was a dark grey and I didn't even know they had model names until I've just had a look. I personally find black very severe on the face even though I have dark hair. The grey disappears a little more than a harsh black. Have a look at the Comes in green or black. I like the green Comes in black only but you might like black Comes in brown or black. I like the brown.

    They're all of a similar style but I have a pair of purple ones very similar too so I'm going with what suits me. You might dislike them all.

    Hope that helps. P.S. I like the pop of burgundy via the ballet pumps. Nice touch.

  8. I need to be getting a trench this winter. Try, my mum got new glasses from there for £6. lenses and all, and they are brilliant! Can't beat 6 quid for some trendy glasses you might only wear for a season or two! xx

  9. love the outfit and love your scarf!


    Leopard and Lillies

  10. Loving the ensemble, where are the pumps from?

  11. You look so pretty, I love that scarf! I wear contacts all the time because I haven't found glasses that I love enough to wear in public, haha. So if you find something, let me know. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. i fancy that scarf!

  13. Great look and the scarf is absolutely awesome! Your girls are super adorable!

  14. I have cat's eye glasses and I like them! Anyway you look great with yours!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  15. I tend to wear my glasses most of the time, I'm getting too lazy to keep taking them off and they do hide the crow's feet!

  16. THE best place for glasses in Belfast is from the one and only Jonathan Keys Opticians in Queens Arcade, he has the most fabulous selection of gorgeous frames. You even share the same name! Go for it!

  17. Love this great take on casual chic! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Material Fixations

  18. Adore the trench on you! x

  19. What a lovely scarf! x

  20. Oh.. you could try they offer free glasses to bloggers! They are in America but they get them to you quickly - I've used them and will be blogging about them shortly! x

  21. Hi Avril

    Can't help you with the glasses
    I have to wear them for reading
    and absoutely hate them...

    You look great and your children are so cute!



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