Saturday, 22 September 2012

Styled By You - School Gate Special!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Styled By You - School Gate Special!
It was lovely to see all your photos - what a stylish lot you are! Here is a selection of the gorgeous looks, starting with Jane who blogs over at The Small Fabric of My Life:
Cheryl who tells me she's dug out these wider leg jeans in an attempt to get away from skinnies every day - you've inspired me to do the same on the blog next week!
 Claire H in her burgundy skinnies - more to come on this AW12 essential..
 Claire U - who was very kind and told me how School Gate Style has helped her to enjoy shopping and dressing up again, after 3 babies in 4 years...looking good Claire!
 Emma next who took this on one of the first days back when there was a brief Indian summer...remember that? Seems like MONTHS ago!
 This photo travelled the furthest...all the way from New Zealand. Thank you Helen and love that satchel
 Another blogger - it's the stylish Anna behind Ash's Rural Mum Style
Lisa told me about how much she now enjoys shopping since losing 4 stone - what an achievement
 Another long distance photo - this is Liz from Norway who blogs at Everyday with Tig Tim & Tae. Liz told me about her favourite scarf brand, Beck Sonder Gaard. Thanks for the tip  Liz
 And speaking of great scarf outlets, here's Rebecca from Scarf Envy rocking her own Map Print scarf. There are some lovely benefits to having your own scarf company
 Loving Regina's laid back style in this photo. She know's how to rock a panama hat and check out the gorgeous bike
 Sue W is looking stylish in her nautical style blazer from M&S...such a gorgeous classic look
Can you believe that Rachel in the next photo had her third baby boy only 9 weeks ago? Super-mum or what?
 Finally, a gorgeous casual outfit from Sue who blogs at Susie So-So. Another lovely Indian summer quickly the weather has turned :(
So who's the winner of the Neal's Yard goodies
I put all the names into the spreadsheet and the randomiser picked Sue W as the winner! Well done Sue. Drop me an email with your address details and I'll get the items to you  in the next few days.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. My next competition combines one of my favourite brands and one of my favourite accessories. Watch this space!


  1. School Gate mummies really do love their scarves!

  2. All the women look fantastic. Good thing the winner was picked randomly.

  3. hello! i like your blo, im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, if you like my blog, follow me back please!


  4. Love seeing all the other ladies. I love Regina's look in particular - does she blog?

    1. She's actually my sister! Doesn't blog but will love your comment :) x

  5. Sue if you knew me you would have a laugh because I'm usually the one who feels like I live in a fashion black hole!! But I do like classic types of things like linen and Brouges and especially hats , I wear them to bed sometimes because I forget I'm wearing them. Avril has been a real inspiration just making me realise that u can be stylising in your own way. I loved all the photos especially some of Thr bags and jackets. Great fun. Thanks Avril.. And congrats to sue

    1. Lady after my own heart then. I used to wear loafers and brogues all the time but have struggled this time round to find the perfect pairs (within a budget). Linen - love even though I look like a crumpled moo by the end of the day but oh so comfortable. Well if you're in a fashion black hole, it looks a good place from where I read.

  6. All different but great looks and how fab to have a sister who supports your blog so much:) I only have one brother so I must try and persuade my sister in law to join in the fun next time I visit Cork! Hope you are having a good weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  7. Jane is making me want a classic trench. Looks great. And Claire has convinced me to order wine coloured Topshop skinnys I had my eye on.

  8. Jane is making me want a classic trench. Looks great. And Claire has convinced me to order wine coloured Topshop skinnys I had my eye on.

  9. You have made my day - thank you so much. Think everyone looks fabulous, a great variety of individual looks and styles which makes it all so interesting. Have a fun Sunday.

  10. All the ladies look gorgeous! Congrats to the winner!

  11. Great outfits:-) And now gonna get the Rebecca's Map scarf, so cool and different.


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