By Request - Winter Coats

Thanks for all the requests to talk about winter coats on the blog…not a colourful post but it has got plenty of suggestions and advice for you if you're in the market for a new coat. 
You'll have read me endlessly harping on about the Merrell Wakefield and its 2012 version, the Merrell Ellenwood so I'll not go on about these coats here again. BUT, if a Merrell is not your cup of tea or you have a waterproof coat already, what other coats should you consider for your wardrobe? 
In my opinion, as they represent a significant investment, I avoid bright colours and loud patterns. My recommendations for coat colours are Grey, Navy and Black, in that order. If you've all three in your wardrobe, you'll not struggle to cover up this winter. Starting with grey...
Wool Blend Trench Coat Style
Marks & Spencer £85
Zipped Coat with On-Trend pleather detail
Mango @ John Lewis £89.99
Military Style
John Lewis - £130
Textured Drape with Belt
Oasis - £98
Navy next...
Quilted Navy Coat
Next - £60
Boiled Wool
Boden - £149
In love with this studded sleeve one
Zara - £129
Navy Military Wool Mix
Matalan - £40
And finally, black. Not the most flattering of colours on everyone, which is why it's not my first choice but you can't get away from how practical a black coat is, especially when going out..
Biker Style
Zara - £119
Classic Military
Wallis - £65
Totally Bargainous Down Filled (removable fur collar!)
Vila @ Room31 £30 Use Code LFL30 for 30% off at the till!
Another Bargainous Option (without the removable fur collar!)
Primark - £35
Peplum Military
Oasis - £80 (on offer until 23 Oct)
Finally, some buying tips for winter coats:

  • You've probably seen the theme in most of these coats - nipped in waists! Coats can add bulk so always look for one that has some tailoring or shaping to ensure you don't lose your figure. 
  • Look for nods to current trends like pleather trim, zips and peplums.
  • Buy a coat that looks as good on you worn open as it does closed up. You will want to wear it both ways.
  • Don't spend more than £150 on a coat and google for discount codes for online stores.
  • For more bargainous buying, look for classic coats in grey, navy and black in the January sales.
  • Don't rule out eBay - you could find a wee gem on here for a fraction of the cost as many coats are lightly worn.
  • Don't keep coats for good - I know lots of people with gorgeous coats in their spare room wardrobe. If you can't find a reason to wear them, sell them or give them away - coats take up TOO much valuable wardrobe space!
As always, keep the suggestions coming in for my By Request posts. Send an email to 


  1. I am rather like the £35 Primark number! x

  2. We have 30% off at the moment at too with LFL30 at checkout so even more of a bargain!
    Thanks for featured Room31 x

    1. thanks Ruth! Will amend the wording when I'm back at the laptop. Bargainous! xx

  3. Thea07:45

    Oh, but I have to disagree about avoiding bright colours in coats!!
    I hate winter weather, and it's my coats - one red and one dark purple - that help to get me out through the door on dismal mornings. A black or grey coat wouldn't be any help at all ;-)

    1. Speaking as someone who has a purple coat, I can't disagree! I'm also guilty of the spare room full of coloured coats....blush! xx

  4. Anonymous07:59

    Stated reading this thinking "I have loads of coats, need a new one like a hole in the head!"...... Until I fell in love with the Oasis drape.Drat! (Might not be warm enough for northern climes!)
    P.s love love love my Wakefiel, everyone should have one.

  5. lol...I am that person who has kept a coat for good wear...I bought a beautiful wool beige 3/4 length Kenneth Cole coat in NY on my honeymoon FOUR years ago and how many time have I worn it....5. That is it, I am going upstairs to bring it down to my wardrobe to wear it!!!!
    Love the post lots of nice coats to be had!

  6. LOVE the Oasis one - SO me!! A great selection:)

  7. Great coats ,loving the Primark and the John Lewis ones :)

  8. Anonymous15:57

    Some lovely coats but I disagree about the colours. I have a bright blue one and red one that I got last year in the sale and always get comments about how lovely they are every time I wear them - Ant xxx


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