FrOctober Friday - The M&S Owl Print Dress

Running out of inspiration for the last few days of FrOctober? The Marks & Spencer Owl Print Dress is back in stock (in black). Already a few of you have ordered after my tip-off on Facebook today (thanks Eve!). It sold out in a matter of days when it was last in stock so if you like, order it now! You can always send it back remember..
Limited Collection Owl Print Dress - £35
The word on the street is that it's usual M&S sizing but is neat on the waistband so if you're wider in the waist, you may need to size up.

So how's my FrOctober been going? I've just continued wearing variations of the FrOctober outfits I showed you here and here so I didn't do a round up this week or last (lack of a camera has also hampered my blogging a bit). Oh and I will confess to the skinny jeans sneaking in now and again…but I'm more more open to wearing dresses now that I've got used to it, so thanks FrOctober for that! 
I'll share the last few frocky outfits in a post next week..using photos from my new camera :)


  1. ordered one!! Now - how to tell my hubby - lol x

  2. It's beautiful, I did size up as I found it a bit snug around the bust, but I love it. Pockets too! I have heard that it's being released in another colourway at some point too.

  3. Hurry up payday! Looks really cute - although I'm just reading Penny's comment and if it's snug round the bust I'm in diffs!
    S xx

  4. Easy wear cool frock, I always love dresses with thick tights and boots too.

  5. Anonymous21:11

    Be quick girls...this dress is sure to fly out. I heard about it through Avril's blog the first time around. It was out of stock online and a few were up for grabs on eBay at top prices. Purely by chance I stumbled across one and purchased immediately. I got away with a smaller size as found the bottom half full in shape. Owls are a massive trend this season. Go get it and you'll look twit twoo too! Sue x

  6. Bit gutted that I missed out on the navy as I'd have preferred that to black, but may have to get one anyway!!

    Nic x

    1. Oh Nic….I didn't notice is was black! Lol. Thanks for the heads up too…hope everyone's not expecting navy dresses now xxx

  7. Natasha02:40

    I have just ordered, thanks for the heads up!

  8. Its a great dress but that waistband issue would worry me being an apple shape and would probably mean that it would be far too big on the hips, always a problem with dresses and my shape! Wish the sequin sweatshirt would come back in stock, I'm gonna check again, fingers crossed!

  9. Looks a great dress, am trying to get myself back into the habit of dresses. Wore one for my competition interview this week - kept the price down and got it from DP , just changed the belt to make it look a bit smarter ( cheeky!!) . They have a great owl scarf in btw. Apparently flying ( ha) off the shelves too. Xx

  10. Finally got round to wearing a dress - the first since August. Bit slow off the mark but getting there. And I tell you - it's a wee bit draughty!

  11. I love that dress so much, totally need it to be longer though lol! me and my stupid tallness! I adore anything owl orientated!


  12. ordered mine today, fingers crossed it fits :-)

  13. Avril, I love the new look. Fab

  14. I love this dress! But I fear it won't fit me for long if I order it (with a ever expanding baby bump!).... :( xx


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