Max Mara meets Gok Wan!

I had the perfect excuse to wear some of my Gok 4 TU at Sainsburys pieces - a trip to check out the new Max Mara range at an amazing location - the Ulster Museum. 
Wearing black to an evening event is a bit of a nightmare for the blog as it's difficult to photograph at the event, so I did some photos of the outfit earlier that day...
I wore Gok's boucle jacket and amazing black skinny jeans with my M&S shoe boots, LK Bennett clutch and a black top underneath from H&M. I was asked several times on the night where my jacket came from - everyone was impressed by the quality and the cut of it. It actually had a belt originally but I took it off for this event to keep the line cleaner. It's a jacket I'm going to wear lots and not just in the evening - it's perfect for the school run. I've said it before and I'll say again - well done Gok!
Back to the Max Mara gorgeousness - a stunning selection from Nina and the team at the Belfast store..


A gorgeous collection in a stunning location - thanks to Nina Walls and Cathy Martin for the invitation - both looking super stylish in their Max Mara outfits..
You can see more of the Max Mara collection in store on the Lisburn Road, Belfast or for a taste of what I saw, check out this video from New York Fashion Week.
I'm off to Belfast Fashion Week tomorrow (Friday) night - all was going well until I decided at 9pm tonight (Thursday) that my dress is too long. Right now I reckon the nuns missed a trick never teaching us how to take 5 inches off a cocktail dress in Home Economics…way more practical than making your own pillowcases. Wish me luck...


  1. It is a lovely jacket. Have fun at Fashion Week.

  2. Anonymous07:56

    Love the jacket and I need those shoe boots. Currently wearing a skirt that's a bit too long ( frumpy?) .perhaps we could pool our resources and find a nun somewhere.....or use wonder web!!! Have a great night....jealous!!!

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  3. Looooove the jacket! Gorgeous. And good luck with the sewing. 6 years of Home Economics and I still can't sew in a button! Disgraceful. But my cooking skills are more than passable so I guess I can't give out about the nuns too much :)

  4. I didn't see that jacket in when I looked otherwise I would have snapped that up!! Stunning. X

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that jacket you're wearing, so so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I dream of owning a Max Mara coat!!

    You look lovely, those jeans are amazing on you!!

    Nic x

  7. Good on the nuns. Ours taught me how to play the guitar, but our cooking classes were just invalid's pudding. (My mother did my sewing homework while I cooked the family dinner) You look so fabulously chic and slim in the top photo.

  8. Your outfit is the jacket:) Hope you have a great time tonight, looking forward to seeing your photos!
    ~Anne xx

  9. Avril you look fantastic in the all black, especially love the jacket. Max Mara is just stunning. Beautiful event.

  10. You look stunning - I adore that jacket. Never wanted to be back in the UK just for Sainsbury's but I do now!! xxx

  11. Wow! I totally love your jacket. The zipper detail on it, adds its allure!! Love it...
    Do check out my fashion blog sometime.
    If you like it, do follow as well! :)

  12. I was at the show on Friday evening too, sorry I missed you. I would have love to have bumped into you! Love the jacket, that fabric never dates.

  13. Anonymous10:55

    This show and clothes looks amazing! Sorry I wasn't able to go. Gutted in fact LOL! Love your jacket, it looks really expensive. I want! Gina x

  14. Love your jacket,it looks great on. Wow you are busy busy,looks like a great night.I wish we had events like this in Nottingham,ha maybe we do but I just don't get invited to them hehe...have fun Claire :)


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