Snoods, Snake Print & Storms

Back on the blogging wagon today after a weekend away visiting family. The twincesses and I had a 4 hour non-stop drive home late last night so today has been a bit of a write off as we're all exhausted! But I did stick on a dress for the penultimate day of FrOctober and something I've not talked about on the blog before - a snood!
Now I hate the word snood - a combination of a scarf and a hood I think? I currently own just this one but my friend wears them a lot and that's what prompted me to dig mine out again. And I found it was easy to tie and had no long ends to get caught in the car door.
So here's my snood - a River Island one from last season:
And here I am wearing it a few different ways, along with my Zara snakeskin dress, H&M cardi and River Island ankle boots:

In the first photo, I've wrapped the snood around my neck twice - snug and cosy. In the second, it's just wrapped around once and fluffed up a bit for a fuller look and in the third photo, I've knotted it. So they're more versatile than I gave them credit for in the past. Here's a round up of some great snoods in the shops at the moment. 
Penguin Snood by Brat & Suzie at Room 31 - £12
River Island seems to have a fondness for snoods with no less than 48 different ones in stock at the moment. You can see them all on this link but I've also picked out a couple of favourites:

Red Polka Dot (also comes in Navy/Pink) £10
Pink Graffiti Print (also in Green) £10
Another benefit of a snood is that they are great for wearing with closed up winter coats as you don't get any bulk underneath the coat and you've no scarf ends getting caught up in zips - am I the only person who gets annoyed by this? These Next ones look super cosy and I'm loving the three colour ways:
Cable Knit Snoods - Next - £12
Finally, check out these gorgeous prints from ASOS - I want them all!

ASOS Owl Print - £12

ASOS Horse Print - £12
ASOS Pieces Buster Snood - £11
Wrap up warm - especially my east coast USA readers…thinking of you all during this scary storm. Also thinking of my sister in law, Claire who's on a shopping break in New York…except they've not been able to do any shopping and have instead been barricaded inside a rented apartment for the past 24 hours. Scary stuff - hoping they all get home safely to Dublin soon. x


  1. I do not own a snood - I think I might have to change my ways after seeing how versatile it is here ...

    Gorgeous dress too

  2. I have a snood which I must dig out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I actually love snoods. Have you ever seen the American Apparel circle scarves? They're enormous jersey circles and you wear them so many different ways. Best things ever.

  4. Anonymous19:51

    I got a lovely owl print one from Primark for bargin price of £4.00 and have had loads of comments when I have worn it. Lesley

  5. I can't do them. I bought one from Primark earlier this year and then unpicked the joining seam and turned it back into a scarf ... and then never wore it again as it then became a neither here nor there scarf I don't mind the big woolly ones as much - they seem to work better somehow. Have contemplated one for wearing around the house when I don't want to dangle some scarf ends in the dishwasher yet again.

    1. Like the new layout of the blog - the paler background sets off the pictures really well.

  6. Love the polka dot one :)

  7. You've made me rethink the whole snood idea... Just when I'd previously thought my mind was made up! Hope your sister gets home safexxx

  8. We still have 30% off everything on the site including the snoods
    Enter LFL30 at checkout!
    Ruth x

  9. Noooo! - too much bunched up fabric around the neck... (although I do admit that red polka dot River Island one looks nice in the picture).

  10. Ah the dreaded fashion hybrid names - snoods, skorts, shooties...am sure there's more but I try not to think about it! But apart from that - love them! So easy to grab and throw on for school run days and somehow they feel more cozy. So glad its not just me that gets things trapped in car doors - you have no idea how many times I've got my hair bought! Ouch! Love the new look blog design by the way!! xx

  11. Not sure about snoods and I just don't understand the name! My baby is 19 months old so I have a few years until School Gate style is a daily must! Love your blog.

  12. Looking good girl!

  13. Love the new look of the blog! Now I have never heard of a snood. I think we call them infinity scarves in North America or neck warmers for the tighter versions. I have just learned something new. Thanks Avril.

  14. Loving the Asos owl & the Next one in plum!

    Nic x

  15. Anonymous16:44

    Just ordered the owl one!! I ordered the MandS owl dress too after your tip off! Love the blog x

  16. Thank you for a beautiful shopping list - so many great snoods... very very tempting... :)

  17. I don't think I've ever owned a snood, but I too love the Asos Owl one and the Next plum one. I don't think a snood purchase would be contravening my spending ban .. would it?! Love the new blog layout by the way. Helen

  18. I bought a snood at the weekend, but now I am not sure if I like it! I do like the ones from Next in your post though! xx

  19. H&M have some great knitted ones that go with their wrist warmers!

  20. Anonymous11:47

    love snoods! Primark always seem to do some good ones quite cheaply if you want a quick and easy way to try them out.

  21. Going shopping for some winter essentials at the weekend...might put a snood on the list! Love the new blog design:)
    ~Anne xx

  22. Ohhh I like those knitted ones! I have a super long scarf that I tied to make in to a snood, and I live it!! Definitely need to get some more for winter.



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