Friday, 14 December 2012

Working Your LBD & Some Fab Neck-Candy

When Claire sent me these photos of her Zara little black dress, I was so impressed, I had to share. We're all told it's easy to style up an lbd but sometimes it's nice to have a bit of inspiration in the form of photos of a real person working their wardrobe to make up a few different looks..
Now Claire's actual dress isn't on the Zara website but this one here is very similar:
Top Stitched Waistband Dress - £39.99
So here are Claire's looks. First up with a metallic belt & heels: 
Then with a jewelled collar and some sparkly sandals:
Add a belt, black tights & shoes and a black clutch for a completely different look:
Loving the addition of the red to this outfit - jewelled statement necklace really dresses it up too:
and Claire also sent me a picture of her new 'wear with anything' necklace from Marks & Spencer. Now I can't find this one online but there is a similar one on this link.
And in fact, M&S have some amazing necklaces on their website at the moment. Check these out and the price points are brilliant. Perfect stocking fillers!
Autograph Multi Strand Necklace
Autograph Bead Bib Necklace
Per Una Chainmail Disc Necklace
Bead Waterfall Necklace
Limited Collection Fringe Collar Necklace
Twiggy Bead Starship Cluster Necklace
Enjoy your weekend, especially if you have a Christmas party to attend! 


  1. Great post So interesting to see how one dress can look so different when the accessories are changed. And doesn't she have a fabulous figure?!

    1. She certainly does Helen - looks stunning in these photos. Ax

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed! Christmas party season and all that :) x

  3. Claire looks great and what a figure! And great ideas for transforming a simple black dress. My favourite is the first look - the belt draws attention to her tiny waist and I love the colour of the shoes too. I haven't looked at M&S jewellery for quite some time (not looked at M&S to be honest) and these are really nice. Really like the first two which I would want to wear with a grey jumper/sweatshirt to dress up a dressed down look actually. Great picks Avril.

    1. THanks Sue - I was surprised at the jewellery selection. Hoping some of it ends up in the sale :)
      Sorry to hear you are incommunicado at the moment. That's what you get for drinking gin while blogging ;) Ax

  4. Amazing figure!! And I love it with the red accessories!

    1. I know! She's got great style and a fab figure, Ax

  5. Claire looks fabulous - what a tiny waist.
    Great styling.

  6. Just goes to show why we all need one! Doesn't she look great in all these pics! Loving the M&S necklaces - gorgeous x

    1. Thanks Sharron - and some of us (me) seem to need many many more than one for some reason…lol! Ax

  7. Hi Avril

    Sorry I haven't visited for a while
    having computer problems at the moment and can only
    comment when teenager son lets me near his precious laptop!

    Love the looks that Claire has created with the black dress
    she looks fantastic.

    I saw the grey M&S neckpiece in the Newbridge branch last week
    and was himming and humming over whether to buy it or not
    am flippin sorry I didn't now!!!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Fiona. Sorry to hear you've been having computer problems…hope they're sorted soon. Hopefully that necklace will be in the sale next week! Have a great Christmas, Avril x


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