Mink & Black Crampon Style!

Nothing animal related on the blog today, I promise! Instead, I've eaten all my words regarding a present the husband got me after the snow of 2010 - stretchy crampons for attaching to your shoes! I looked about as happy as the day he brought me home a new mop. And then of course, there was no snow last year so they gathered dust in the cupboard. However, after two days of wellie-wearing, I had enough and dug them out and WOW - no stylish woman should be without these. They are genius - fitted perfectly over my Hobbs boots and were surprisingly discreet. Can't find my exact ones online but the ones on this link are similar.

So as well as being able to wear my regular boots, the risk of going ass over head in public is completely removed…and you can stride past everyone else sliding about in their Uggs.
Lots of layering for another snowy day - 4 layers before I added my down coat. Vest, long sleeved white t-shirt, denim shirt and mink coloured cardigan. And not forgetting the thermal tights & socks under my jeans! This colour combo is one of my favourites.
White Top - New Look
Denim Shirt - Gerry Weber (similar on link - on sale!)
Mink Cardigan - F&F @ Tesco (similar on link)
Belt - Accessorize (similar)
Scarf - F&F @ Tesco (similar on sale)
Boots - Hobbs (old)
Jeans - Perfect Skinny by Gok 4 TU @ Sainsburys
Oppan Crampon Style :)
Hope you're all staying safe in the snow. Over here in Northern Ireland, ours is to thaw tomorrow, leaving us with wet weather. Just in time for my weekend away with the choir! But more about that on another post…


  1. Hi Avril-those crampons are amazing, they really aren't that noticeable and obviously do the job too! Love your layering, denim over a white tee and a mink colour over the top is really stylish and the belt really completes your outfit! Our snow has now thawed out and the cold is really setting in! Sharon xx

  2. Haha crampons make me giggle

  3. Great idea. We must be the only people to have had no snow - I'm a bit sad about it really as weve just had lots of rain instead. X

  4. These are great - my Mum swears by hers! Feeling quite envious of all the snow!

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  6. LOL! It is a sad truth, but I love mine:) I can't actually walk up my drive on the worst icy days without them. They look very similar to yours. They are a standard requirement over here. Also love the soft mik browns with blue.

  7. Synchronicity at work here - I just read this article on the Guardian website about ice grips for your shoes, and then found your blog post on the same topic here. After battling along an icy pavement this morning, I think I'm convinced!

  8. Ok I have no snow! I think there must be some kind of snow aversion near my house! Loving the crampons I saw pink ones yesterday, seriously stylish!


  9. Looking v stylish in the snow Avril! At least you had some worth talking about, we always get very little beside the lough. I never have to walk anywhere in the snow, they joys of living in the middle of nowhere but they look like they're well worth the buy for u city folk.

  10. Looking fab lady!

  11. Anonymous13:43

    Crampons...genius!! Sometimes husbands really do know what they're talking about. Glad you finally got to use them. Hope you're enjoying the snow. Kat x

  12. What a great idea for anybody wanting to stick with their favourite boots in the bad weather. I can't do anymore than 3 layers, I feel too bundled up in my puffa coat otherwise!


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