My Danne DMK Wonder Facial (Warning - Close Up Photos!)

Ok, so the scientific name for it is a Danne Montague-King Enzyme Therapy Facial and I was lucky enough to be asked along to The Beauty Company in Belfast - the only Northern Ireland stockists - to try out this, their newest and most effective treatment. 

DMK Enzyme treatment addresses ageing, scarring, pigmentation, acne and rosacea and is effective on both men and women and on the face and the body, offering impressive results using the finest botanical ingredients.
To demonstrate the facial, you're going to see some rather interesting pictures of me throughout the process….my kids and husband were particularly alarmed at the very last picture before the treatment was removed…I'm warning you now - it ain't pretty!
But it all started out like a normal facial…a detailed pre-treatment assessment of my skin and lifestyle before I moved into one of the gorgeous treatment rooms in The Beauty Company's Montgomery Street premises where the Danne/DMK products were laid out ready for my treatment.

The lovely Fiona left me to get ready. I was asked to take off my top because the treatment goes right down to the lymph area at the armpits and the neck.
Once I was up on the treatment bed, Fiona commenced the treatment with a cleanse and an assessment of my skin. Apart from some ageing and acne scarring from my teens, all was looking good so the treatment began with a mask to remove toxins from the skin and prepare it for the enzyme mask. After applying to the skin, cling film is placed over the top and lower part of your face (not over the nose/mouth) and hot mitts are placed over. This was such a relaxing part of the facial and was done twice.
Then we moved onto the enzyme facial itself. It was applied with a brush all over my face, neck and décolletage. Here it is applied to my face - don't I look lovely? Keep scrolling… :)
This treatment uses a combination of enzymes to stimulate a deep contraction of the underlying facial muscles. The muscles passively constrict and contract increasing the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen to the tissue. This increases the flow of lactic acid which progressively strengthens the facial muscles with each treatment. 
Now this wasn't obvious at first but as the treatment dried onto the skin, I could really feel the pulsing action. It was an unusual sensation but strangely relaxing at the same time. Here I am about half way through - with the mask almost dry..told you it would get worse..
I promise, I'm not as miserable as I look in this photo. I was actually very chilled but the treatment was beginning to harden on my face - hence the funny expression! Also in this photo, you can see some bubbling appearing and these are areas where toxins are being drawn from the skin. And hopefully you can see wee lines developing along my décolletage. These are tracking the little veins close to the skin's surface - you'll see something really cool in this area when the mask comes off! 
And now, brace yourself for the final picture before the mask came off. It's kind of like something from a horror film but honestly, this was not painful or uncomfortable at all - just a bit like those mud masks we all used in the 90's that dried onto your face.
Scary Blogger!
Fiona then removed the mask gently, using hot mitts and once it was all off, it was time for the coolest bitlook at the veins on my décolletage..

How freaky is that! The treatment has stimulated the bloodflow to the top layer of the skin so all the veins were pumping new blood. This is a key action for healing and repairing skin that is scarred, discoloured or aged. Obviously, this effect wore away after a few minutes as the skin cooled.
Fiona then applied the Danne Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum which encourages increased production of collagen and formation of elastin as del as the Danne sun block to protect my skin after the treatment. And here I was all clear skinned and glowing after my treatment..
Now there's a process here as obviously, you can't cure ageing, acne, scarring, pigmentation & rosacea in one treatment. During the initial treatment you will be patched tested with some of the stronger enzymes that will be used in subsequent treatments. For best results, 8-10 treatments are recommended to take place ideally once a week. Your therapist will monitor progress and recommend when to reduce frequency or strength of the enzyme. And the results speak for themselves - check out the before and after pictures on the link here. Stunning results indeed - I've never seen something work so amazingly well in just 8-10 treatments!
Treatments start at £60 and mine lasted about 2 hours including an initial consultation. Prices vary depending on your specific skin concern so give Fiona a call at The Beauty Company to discuss further. Also, do give The Beauty Company's Facebook page a like to be kept in the loop for special offers and competitions. There's a wonderful Shellac offer starting on the 31st January with Facebook fans being the first to hear about it!

Disclaimer - The Beauty Company offered this facial to me free of charge though it was my choice to blog about it and the review my own honest assessment.


  1. You can't beat a good's years since I've had one....oops I lie, it's actually a year since I've had one! Avril, I love your blog so much.....fur yesterday , scary facials are a brave lady, I'm sorry but I had to chuckle at your fantastic photos!

  2. Sounds amazing! I love doing facials & also receiving them! Xx

  3. Anonymous14:23

    Looks very impressive, Avril. I'm starting to veer towards this territory. Was hoping with a blog named as it was I'd get someone wanting to get a bit of publicity. ;) You do look glowing.

  4. Cool pics and some were a bit scary
    I am not one for facials

  5. Looks scary but your skin was amazing after it!

  6. havent been onto your blog in a while, love the updated version - it looks awesome! x

  7. I would love to have this done, you look AMAZING, so fresh and beautiful


  8. Anonymous09:45

    Hi Avril, nothing beats a good facial at home or in a salon, it's a must to keep your skin good later in life, I wish I could have joined you! Nikki x

  9. Wow - I love the fact that you can actually see it's effects - makes it less of a gimmick! I love a good facial - must book one soon!

  10. I was dying to know how you'd got on- you look all fresh faced and lovely- I'd say at least 5 years younger as well!


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