Friday, 19 April 2013

Leopard Print & Tan Suede

Remember my charity shop bargain jacket from earlier this week? Well, I mentioned that I'd picked up a second item and finally, I'm getting round to sharing...some divine Boden tan suede ankle boots. I know Sue and Gemma-Louise will tell me off for buying MORE ankle boots but these are immaculate and they fitted me perfectly and are so comfortable...have I given enough reasons yet? How about I share a picture of them?
Note: Any navy in the pictures is an illusion (i.e. rubbish camera). It's all about the black today..

I don't normally mix browns and blacks but I fancied wearing my leopard print scarf so the black worked well...and of course the Specsavers Leopard specs just had to be part of the act!
Boots - Boden (similar)
Scarf - eBay (similar from a different seller)
Necklace - Mango
Jeans - Gok @ TU
Black Oversized Tee - H&M (similar)
Glasses - Specsavers
It was an outfit that I felt so comfy in - some days, I think it's nice to embrace a bit of black. But of course, the sun is coming out this weekend so perhaps, just perhaps, we'll get to wear a bit of colour and dare I say it, get some flesh out? Bring it on!
Night night from a very tired blogger..Axx


  1. The boots are smashing Avril - the black and brown work really well together! Fingers crossed for the good weather this weekend so you can get your flesh out! Have a good one! xx

  2. I'm not going to tell you off. I love them and I would have snapped them up too if they had fitted. By the way, black and brown is great - why do you not do it more often? I love it? All those leopards and cheetahs can't be wrong can they?

  3. Fab boots - just what I need. Never seem to have much luck in our local charity shops, but inspired by your finds, might have a look today when I offload the clutter which rattling around in the boot of my car for the last week.

  4. oh lucky you and what a find!
    I love wearing black and brown - super combo
    Like me, you are wearing that Mango necklace lots - isn't it so versatile?

  5. Gorgeous lady - LOVE the scarf!

  6. Love those boots, they look a bit like the Marant Jenny's, great buy! xx

  7. Great bargain - it would have been rude to leave them behind! And I too love the black and brown ... Sue makes a good point above about leopards not being wrong :)

  8. I wear black and brown loads, and a leopard scarf is great for pulling it all together. Those boots are gorgeous, what a find!!

  9. Oh I won't tell you off because they are very cute. And look very comfy!

  10. I need a job in a charity shop!! Great finds, love black and the right brown. Fab outfit.

  11. What a brilliant find! They are so you & you look fabulous as always! Andrea x

  12. It's amazing what you can unearth at charity shops.....I once found a lovely Joseph coat, but I have never got that lucky again! You look really good in that outfit ......very glam! xx

  13. I LOVE black and brown together (black and tan is even better in my book) and you absolute HOUND. Those are the Boden boots that I was trying to track down. They are THE BEST. Look even better slouched down a bit. Why on earth would someone give a fab pair of practically new boots away. Great find you star. xx

  14. Love the whole outfit especially the glasses!

    X x

  15. Hi there! Well done on another fabulous thrift find and your whole outfit looks amazing, I really love the mix of browns and blacks teamed with leopardprint! Your glasses are great too! xx

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