Grey Marl Maxi Skirt

When I featured maxi dresses the other week, I got a couple of questions about maxi skirts. I've always fancied myself a nice jersey maxi skirt but never saw one that I really liked...until today as I walked through Matalan on the hunt for croc-style shoes for the kids (which they have for £3 incidentally). Meet my new grey marl jersey maxi skirt -
For it's first outing, I wore with my denim jacket and a scarf that picked up the grey nicely. And my converse style trainers which I never usually wear as I don't like them with skinny jeans...looks like they have found a second wind in my wardrobe!
Maxi Skirt - Matalan
Denim Jacket - M&S (similar here & here)
White Top - Superdry
Scarf - White Noise from my Scarf Shop
Canvas Trainers - Dunnes (similar hereactual Converse here)
Just go with me here but something struck me when I glanced at the label inside the skirt. I notice stuff like this. Am I wrong?
Heading to my sister's for a few days today so scarf orders received between now and Wednesday will be dispatched first thing on Thursday morning via first class post. As always, drop me a mail if you've any questions about orders or stock -

UPDATE: Just been reminded that Joanna at Poppy's Style featured this very same skirt worn exactly the same way on the post on this link! I'd totally forgotten she had this skirt and had somehow missed this post of her wearing it so how spooky that we dressed exactly the it really x 



  1. Snap!!! And we wore them the same way!!! LOL - I have the black too - they are fabulous! Looking gorgeous misses...

  2. I love a maxi skirt, but it's hard to find one the right length when you're vertically challenged. Trainers and maxi skirt combo looks fab!

  3. Avril, you and I are similar in age I think but I remember wearing a very similar outfit circa 1995! I frequently wore converse with a maxi skirt and denim jacket. Have been eyeing up navy and white jersey maxi skirt in DP's, might give it a whirl! See if I can still pull the look off........I'll be wearing birkenstock next!

  4. It looks great on you & perfectly styled!! I've had one on my wishlist for a while or a tube style one in grey marl! I'm so going to look for one now I've seen yours! ;) Ax

  5. I have been looking at a few maxi skirts...yours looks fab! Enjoy the few days with your sister:)

  6. It looks great with the baseball boots. I also wanted to say congrats on the new business venture, Avril :) Wishing you all the best - it sounds like it is going brilliantly already! Hannah x

  7. I like this combination a lot. A great casual outfit with a difference - may have to pinch the idea and nip to Matalan. X

  8. I love maxi skirts and this one looks fab with denm jacket and converse. Great scarf too x

  9. I have this in a navy/white stripe - I LOVE IT!
    I will go back and buy the grey because they are fab

  10. I love the way you have styled it. I love wearing my new Primark Maxi Skirt/Dress with Converse. Will have to dig out my denim jacket.

  11. Oh I bought a grey mid length pencils skirt from here last weekend - first wear and ready to go up on my blog tonight! Might have to wander through the maxis when I'm making a few returns;)

  12. LOL, you and Joanna - Great minds think alike! You look fabulous in the simple jersey maxi skirt.

  13. Anonymous14:52

    Great minds! I have the same skirt only in black and it's just so comfortable to wear. Also very impressed with the sheer amount of material for such a budget friendly skirt! xx


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