Summer Must Have - No 1 - The Metallic Sandal

This week, it's all about my Summer Must Haves. Following on from the Autumn/Winter must-haves last September, I was asked by a couple of readers to do the same for the warmer weather. So here goes - Monday to Friday will see 5 must have's, starting today, with the metallic sandal.
I'm a firm believer in not buying too many pairs of sandals for our lovely summer. Far better to invest in good boots and shoes, which will get more wear overall. One good metallic pair should suit all outfits and take you from day to night easily. 
First tip, if you are a bargain hunter like me, check out TK Maxx - I picked up these metallic Clarks jewelled sandals in the clearance rail last week for £10!
Not available online but if you're lucky, you might come across them in your local TK Maxx. But sticking with Clarks, you could grab these gorgeous ones from the current collection:
Studio Beat by Clarks
Boden next and there are a choice of two here - 
first up the metallic version of the ones I bought in blue:
Leather T-Bar Sandal - Silver
or these that have a small wedge heel, a bit like my Clarks ones:
T-Bar Demi Wedges
Some sparkle next from M&S
Open Toe Sparkle Band Sandal
Loving the mix of metallics on these ones in the Zalando sale:
Si by Sinela Sandals
Is it just me or is Dune really getting it right with their footwear these past couple of seasons. Loving these twist sandals that are only £35:
Gold Twist Strappy Sandal
Essential for all of the above - a great pedicure. I had gel polish put on my toes last summer and it was incredible. Never budged and I only needed it re-applied once during the whole summer!
Back at the same time tomorrow with the Summer Must Have Number 2! 
Have a great day x



  1. They are all gorgeous Avril. I was in the Clarks outlet in Kildare village yesterday and must go back as I was in a rush and they did seem to have some lovely sandals:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. WOW at the Clarks ones! I was in my local TK Maxx on Friday but sadly nothing of interest in there.

    I love the Boden metalic ones with small wedge heel - I've been wanting them since last year (I'm pleased they have them again this year) - I just can't stomach the price tag (tight!)


  3. Hi there! great find Avril, these were a fabulous bargain, I must dig out my metallic sandals from last year! xx

  4. Great find for £10 - love it when that happens! Like the look of the Dune ones too. I don't spend a lot on sandals as I spend so little time in them - I spend more on boots like you say. I have some metallic flips flops from 3 years ago that still look like new - stupid English summers!!! X

  5. Gorgeous choices. It's hard to beat metallic for a really summery look. Just add sunshine ... err!!!

    1. haha - yes...the sunshine is the tricky bit! x

  6. I agree to spending more money on boots/shoes than sandals. Liking your bargain very much, good find xx

  7. Cute - metallics go with so much too! I have some old gold ones that are battered but I still love. Zara of course have some great choices too this season - they have a cheap silver basic thong which is lovely....

  8. These are fab, much better than the boring black I usually "safe" buy.

  9. I love the M&S ones with the glitter strap and am also a big fan of metallic footwear for summer. I shall be taking my pewter Russell and Bromley Laura sandals away with me again this year x

  10. Some great sandals Avril, my favourite ones are the glitter ones from M&S, you can't beat a bit of bling! :) x

  11. These are all so nice. Similarly, I seem to have got into an annual routine of buying a flat pair of gold sandals and a pair of nude or tan wedge sandals for summer. I think it's a good habit though as they go with everything and I don't feel the need to buy any more summer shoes after that!

  12. Love the dune and m&s ones so much so they fell into my bag and now winging their way too me. Hopefully they won't be waiting to be worn only on the two weeks in the sun we have booked.

    1. Oh you'll have to let me know how you get on with them! x

  13. Completely agree Avril - I'll always get much more wear out of good boots! I actually picked up a pair of metallic sandals last time Sainsburys had 25% off so were about £9 - bargain! xx

  14. Metallic is perfect for summer, actually perfect for any season. I need sandals with the wee toe bit though - love your TK Maxx bargain!

  15. I love a metallic shoe & have had gold ballet pumps the last 2 years! I love the Dune ones! They look sturdy & comfy too! Andrea x

  16. Thanks as always for the lovely comments everyone - glad you enjoyed my picks! x


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