Midi Dress & A New Necklace

This is the lovely Ripple Midi dress (named after me) that I bought from Room 31 back when the weather was cooler. Although I loved it the way it was, having seen a few bloggers (Fiona & Sharon) with short sleeved midi's, I wondered about chopping the sleeves off mine to make it more wearable now the weather is warmer. And then today, I did just that..
Avril Ripple Midi Dress - Room 31 (sold out but similar here)
Black Strappy Sandals - Matalan (SS12)
Necklace - SGS Shop (see below) 

UPDATE - Necklace is SOLD OUT. Email if you wish to reserve as I'm ordering again next week
Wearing one of my new necklaces from the shop - I've found a great supplier and I hope you like the stock I've chosen. The one I'm wearing is a snake chain with silver tabs that have crystal embellishment on them. Here's a close up..
And especially for Fiona who is always sharing midi dress boobage enhancing photos..
Ignore the food baby - that's what a week of birthday celebrations gets you! Back to the circuits next week I think :)
Do pop by the shop to check out my new necklaces if you get a chance. And I've new scarf stock too, including some lightweight summer ones!
Sports day tomorrow - in the sunshine! Going to wear the highest heels I can get away with and fake a slight limp in order to avoid the embarrassment of the Mum's race. :)

Have a great weekend! x



  1. LOVE that dress - I think the short sleeves look even better - good call.
    I must investigate your jewellery shop too - what with you and Sue, there won't be many accessory needs not covered! x

  2. You look fantastic. Forget about the circuits.

  3. Check out the boobs - most excellent I say!
    The dress is really great Avril with the shorter sleeves and I love your choice of necklaces - good luck!!


  4. Gorgeous with the shorter sleeves. Love the necklaces too. X

  5. I wish I had your figure, dress looks amazing!!
    I'm drooling at your new scarf stock, the necklaces are beautiful as well, which one to pick is the question!!! xx

  6. Great idea Avril, every time I alter something I always regret it though. Love necklaces, you girls are really pushing me to the limit just when I've decided I'm buying nothing but essentials for the next few months! Off for a nosey anyway- may regret this! X

  7. Hi my dear- the Avril dress looks gorgeous and more so with short sleeves, as usual you look amazing!! Thank you for the mention too and your necklaces are really lovely. So glad your birthday was wonderful, your PRADA bag is stunning!! Xxx

  8. Love that dress - you look fab! Beautiful necklaces, love the leaves and the swallows:)

  9. You're like a tall glass of water! Fabulous! Love the shorter sleeves, too!

  10. Really lovely. And I love your necklace stock ... there are quite a few that I'd love right now. But I'm being good at the moment (soooo boring!) .. gimme a few months though, and I'll be right back to you, Fiona & Sue to stock up :)

  11. Midxi dresses are so flattering, hope they are going to be around for a bit! Love you comment re the Mums race.......I just used to pray for rain!! x x


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