Sports Day

Well, could you believe it, I accidentally missed the mothers' race! What a shame...
But I have to say, parent races aside, our school does sports day very well. I love that it's on a Saturday as it becomes a lovely day out with a picnic and mostly all the working parents/grandparents can come. 
It's held in the newly refurbished Mary Peters Track so the kids get to run like they are in the Olympics with a packed auditorium cheering them on. Add in good weather and it made for a fantastic day. And my boy brought home gold - what a star!
Proud mums at the finish line!
The refurbished Mary Peters' Track
Maxi Skirt - Matalan
Vests - M&S Basics
Necklace - School Gate Style Shop
I'm afraid I'm right out of wardrobe inspiration this week with the hot weather. I don't get my bare legs out in public usually and I've gone right off linen trousers this summer (neither event makes much sense - I blame advancing years!) so the Matalan maxi skirt is earning its keep...worn this time with mauve & white layered M&S vests, mauve jewelled sandals and my favourite necklace from the shop - this clear heart necklace. As soon as I saw it, it had to be mine!
Totally forgot to take a picture of my new Coach wristlet while we were there so here's a photo taken at home:
It's a fabulous birthday present from my friend Joanna. Fits my phone, cards and cash and is perfect for these sunny days when I don't want to be carrying around a heavy bag or in the case of sports day, when I'm already carrying a picnic bag.

I'm off now to make the most of the evening sunshine with a glass of wine.....I do hope you've had a great weekend where you are. Until tomorrow x



  1. Sports Day on a Saturday - that's amazing! I'm biting my nails at having to ask for the day off for mine! You definitely don't look like you've lost inspiration, love that skirt and simple vest combo x

  2. Know where your coming from Avril, it's so hard to dress in this weather if you don't want to show your legs, the skirt is a great alternative, it was a great buy for you. Haven't heard of a sports day on a Saturday but deffo a great idea, and how amazing is this weather?!!! X

  3. I miss Sports Day so much.
    Thanks for bringing back happy memories - enjoy them. they will fly by so quickly.

  4. What a fab place for Sports Day! We're always jealous of the glam mummies while we're sweating it out!! You are definitely a glam mummy and your necklace is beautiful:)

  5. That's a great look and I LOVE that necklace. Absolutely gorgeous .. I can never resist a bit of sparkle! Our Sports Day is over now, but the next big event is graduation from Primary School - I'll be going without mascara that day and bringing the tissues!!

  6. I found the skirt in Matalan - it comes up to my boobs. Gutted. But you look lovely in yours. And I totally understand how some clothing feels suddenly so wrong this year but was so right last year. Having said that, I did slum out in some very old linen trousers this week ... I looked so bad ... but I was sooo comfortable.

    And the Coach wristlet - they are brilliant and so well made. I picked one up in New York years ago and I had to finally resign it to the wristlet graveyard this year because it had been well and truly trashed living in my handbag (ink stains and other stains) and I was too embarrased to get it out anymore. But I wouldn't mind another!

  7. I love that skirt & I'm so going to hunt one down when I pop over! Love the necklace too! Wot no egg n spoon race?! ;) Ax

  8. Love the skirt. I need one for leg coverage too. (I have strange little tanned 'socklet' lines from wearing cropped jeans one day earlier this year where it didn't even seem to be sunny but I tanned....sigh ) Super weather for the sports day!

    Off to investigate Matalan later... x

  9. Gosh I would want to run the race!!! That skirt is getting some mileage - I need to get mine out but it's been raining and I don't like the idea of a soggy bottom - or a soggy hemline - if you know what I mean:)

  10. I've been wearing a jersey maxi dress too Avril (navy/cream from DPs last year) for similar reasons, though did eventually get my legs out as everyone else was! ;) I actually love this look on you, so no apologies!

    Nic x
    ps in awe of your figure - mine is depressing at the mo!

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  12. Shame there hadn't been a prize for most stylish mummy ;-)


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