Autumn Colours on a Summer (?) Day

So I have a problem with my jacket today. It's from Massimo Dutti and should work well on a day like today as it's lightweight and a lovely fit but it's the colour I struggle with. No matter how I wear it, it always looks wrong for this time of year. Even Mr SGS when dragged from the sofa to take the photos said 'you look very autumnal today'.
Jacket - Massimo Dutti (old - similar)
Jeans - Tesco (SS12 - similar here & here)
Pumps & Scarf - M&S (similar here & here)
Tan Cross Body Bag - Fat Face
White T-Shirt - Superdry
I thought if I wore the jacket with blue coloured jeans (as opposed to denim) it might brighten it up but no, it appears this jacket is to be saved for those brief couple of weeks in October before proper coat weather hits. Here's a close up of the military detail, my Fat Face cross body bag and a favourite M&S scarf. I think I've said it before, a scarf with denim blue in the pattern will get so much wear. This one seems to go with so much in my wardrobe.
I mustn't forget to update you on the outdoor hog roast party on Friday night. 

Thankfully the sun came out at about 6pm so I thought sod it - I get out SO infrequently, I'm wearing the LK Bennett 'going out' heels and giving two (enhanced with Chanel nail polish) fingers to the rubbish weather. My findings from the night. I can do heels + wine and look fairly composed when walking on flat, even surfaces. Add in a muddy garden and a loose stoned patio and I cannot do heels + wine and look composed. At all. I didn't circulate much and thank goodness I had the other half to hold on to! For anyone there, I promise I wasn't as tipsy as I looked! 
Ok - it's feeding time here...better dash. Till next time x


  1. I adore this jacket - both the colour and style and I think it looks fab with the coloured jeans. The scarf ties it all together perfectly. Fab look and I don't think it is too autumnal x

  2. How annoying the jacket doesn't work for you - I like it.
    Would it work with white jeans?

    LOVE your outfit for the hogroast - those shoes are amazing


  3. I love you hogroast outfit too. The jacket is brilliant xxx

  4. Sometimes I have things like that in my wardrobe- they work in theory but not in practice. I think coral would look great with it though. Lovin your outfit for the hog roast, our evenings have been quite nice recently, up usually warmer than day time which is always a bit of a nightmare when workin out what to wear as it could go either way. But you done well there girl! X

  5. I think you did summer up the jacket nicely with the bright jeans and scarf. We can't always dress for the beach when it's cold and wet half the summer! ;)
    Love your evening outfit too. So chic.
    Hannah x

  6. Looks like a great night! Love the M and S scarf.

  7. It's a lovely jacket Avril but I see what you mean about the Autumnal vibe! (I do love that Fat Face bag). You look marvellous in your hog roast outfit - very sexy heels - have you tried dancing in them?! xx

  8. My first thought was the same as Fiona .. would it work with white jeans? Although I've a jacket that is very similar and I always find it a tricky one to style. Your heels are AMAZING by the way .. who cares if you couldn't walk properly on the grass as long as your feet look that good, lol?!

  9. Loving your scarf from M&S Avril and your outfit for the hog roast party is stunning x

  10. You look gorgeous in both outfits! I think the bag contributes to the autumnal vibe but the scarf brightens everything up xo

  11. I love the jacket and scarf in the first outfit. The jacket in the second outfit is really cute too. Great outfits!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I actually like the jacket on you - I love coral, fuchsia or red with that kind of colour, though I know you already have a rainbow of scarves! ;)

    The second outfit is just gorgeous on you, v glam!

    Nic x


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