Dressing for Warm Weather

This topic never needed to be tackled before on the blog but we're now into our second lovely spell of summer weather and it looks like it's going to last for over a week and I'm finding warm weather gaps all over my wardrobe. 
You see, I've not been on a sun holiday for 5 years and the last few summers have been pretty dismal here so to put it bluntly, I've got bugger all to wear in hot weather. Unfortunately, I'm on a spending ban but purely as a service to all the readers of this blog, I've made up a wishlist of items worth adding to your wardrobe during this warm spell...promise I've not bought any of them....yet

First up, a strappy maxi dress. I've only got one maxi dress and it's black so not the best colour for a really hot day. Loving these ones from Room 31 and Fiona at Avenue 57 has a similar one in her online shop here also. Fiona's have a slightly different detail at the shoulders.

Next up, a strappy, loose fitting top. I have strappy tight vests I use for layering but not loose-fit tops that will allow a bbq belly room to grow. Love this pretty one from John Lewis - the pattern is very flattering and it could easily be worn with navy jeans and a cardigan or jacket in cooler weather:
A summer skirt. Often has frumpy-ness in bucketloads but if you find the right one, they are so cool and easy to wear. Length is important (just at or above the knee tends to work for me) as is the lightness of the material. I find a heavy skirt just as warm to wear as trousers in hot weather so ditch those denim or heavy cotton skirts. A lovely floaty material will keep you cooler. I like this Boden one in this red colour and the lighter green/grey colour - sure to be in the sale in a week or so too if you can wait
Next it's a pair of Toms. Ever since I tried on Gemma-Louise's metallic Toms a few weeks ago, I've wanted a pair. They are so comfy - a summery alternative to ballet pumps.
Finally, I'm needing shorts that won't scare the children (too short) but equally won't make me look like I'm heading out for 9 holes of golf (too long) I think these M&S ones would work well. They also come in a khaki green which I prefer to the white but I can't download the picture. You can see it on the link though..

Before I go, I do have a shopping ban answer to one of these items - Scissors! I've already made two pairs of shorts today from trousers I don't wear. I may share photos - jury's still out on whether it was a good move or not....I got some looks from the husband. BUT I didn't spend any money and that's the important thing <polishes halo>

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Sorry to my followers in Australia where I hear the weather's been quite cool and wintery this definitely are not interested in shorts and vests but did you know I have a scarf shop? AND I can post internationally? Check it out on this link here!



  1. I'm blaming *this* blog post for this morning's weather.


    1. Haha - it's going to be lovely today...and the rest of the week. You're just envious because you're going to miss it (NOT) :)

  2. Hi Avril! Some lovely picks here, the coral dress from Room31 is lovely! Well done on the no spend ban too- I also cut down some denim jeans into shorts too, it really is a great idea and saves money too-can't wait to see your versions!! xxx

  3. Ha! Love that comment about 9 holes of golf. Getting the length right is tricky, once you've found your ideal length you have cracked it. I've done the denim shorts before & went too short, tempted to try again with an old pair of jeans.... You & Kat have me thinking x

  4. I so agree....I am struggling too with the shock to the system summer wardrobe! I am digging out old pieces that actually don't feel quite right, so sales here I come! xx

  5. Oh, spending ban on here too .. sooooo boring! But isn't the weather glorious? Serious sunbathing going on here and I've even been seen venturing beyond the house in short sleeves!!!!


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