Next Sale Haul

I've maybe built that up a bit - it wasn't so much of a haul in the usual blogger style but a few bits and pieces I picked up this afternoon...yes...the afternoon!
Friday night/Saturday morning saw me up several times with a little girl who has a horrible cough that doesn't seem to bother her too much but is impossible to ignore. So despite going to bed early, I only got a very broken 2 or 3 hours sleep between 10pm and 4am. As I fell back into bed for the last time at 4.10am I did briefly consider getting up & going to the sale but I knew it would make Saturday really tough. As I considered this, I must have fallen asleep and next thing I knew, it was 8am. With a cinema trip already arranged at 9.30am, all I could do was wait until the afternoon.
I rocked up at 1pm, 8 hours behind schedule but do you know, there was plenty left to satisfy any sale fan. I was mainly looking for a pair of khaki trousers and I quickly picked up these for £12. 
Then I spotted this lovely necklace that I had seen in the shop the other day. Was amazed it was still there at this late stage. It was down to just £7. 
I've seen this same necklace on eBay for £30!
I've been keeping an eye out for a scarf with navy and brighter neon colours in it - so this fitted the bill perfectly for £6.
Total spend : £25. Last of the big spenders!
But did I see more that I was tempted by? Definitely. My trainer aversion was challenged as I quite liked both of these pairs:
But I knew realistically, I'd never wear them. I love them on other people but not on me.
I also was tempted by these two jackets both still available online (as I type) on this link:
On balance, I felt the pattern in them both was limiting and the budget wasn't going to extend to them anyway. Decision easily made :)
Armed with my haul, I took a quick look-down shot outside Next. You didn't want to see the head of me today - no hiding the effects of sleep deprivation.
Scarf Print Top - Mary Portas
Sandals - LK Bennett
White Jeans (not seen) - Boden
Ampersand Necklace - Pluck & Devour
Prada Baby
The consensus online seems to be positive about the sale today. I'm glad I didn't sacrifice my sleep as I was happy with the few bits I picked up...the spending ban is broken but not by a huge amount. That may happen with a small Boden order...I'm good to keep breaking the ban now, aren't I??! Sheep as a lamb and all that...



  1. I love that python jacket - I nearly ordered it yesterday but there is no sale on the US site (we had one on July 4th) and I don't have a UK credit card to use on the UK site!:) I bought some other stuff in the Zara sale instead:)

  2. Lovely scarf and necklace Avril...I actually forgot about the Next sale with holidays yesterday! May go look this week :)
    ~Anne xx

  3. I completely forgot about it till late morning, had a quick look online but nothing. I want a couple of summer day dresses with thin straps, too hot to worry about having upper arms like a Russian shot putter!

  4. The metallic trainers look gorgeous
    Good spending - I'm hoping to go next week to see what is left


  5. I love your little Prada more and more each time I see it.

    And no - silly o'clock doesn't sound good t o me. Maybe next week o clock when I have some time.

  6. I love the scarf and necklace too xxx Liz xxx

  7. Thats the best kind of sales haul when you get such lush things for a total snip & you did so well! I did the 5am thing once years ago & it was worth it back then! Having a good catch up with your blog atm & loving it! Hope you are enjoying your hols?! Ax


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