Taking a Break....

It's time to take a complete break from the shop, the blog and all associated social media for a couple of weeks. No matter how hard you try, blogging takes over all your available spare time (I'm writing this at 1.20am on Thursday morning!!) so I've decided to turn everything off and channel that spare time into family stuff, reading, lying in the sun and catching up on my sleep.

While I'm offline however, I'm not letting the blog rest! From Monday, you'll start seeing guest posts from some new (to me) stylish bloggers that I've recently added to my blog roll. There will be a competition kicking off on Friday and I've also prepped a few posts myself and scheduled them to run while I'm away. I hope you enjoy.

See you in 2 weeks my friends..




  1. have a good holiday, and I'll look forward to the guest posts

  2. It certainly did me good having a break and I'm sure you will benefit greatly and come back relaxed and ready to go! Have a great time xx

  3. OMG, you are soooo organised! Have a wonderful break,xx

  4. Have a lovely break with your family. Well deserved. Love Liz xxx

  5. Enjoy your break, have fun with the kids xx

  6. Good on you! I plan to do the same soon! X

  7. Enjoy your well earned break Avril x

  8. Have a wonderful break! Ax


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