A wee night out with himself...

It doesn't happen very often so when it does, I like to get me a bit of sparkle on. This time (a few weeks ago) it was a meal out near Queens University and on our post-meal walk, I got himself to take a few photos outside Friar's Bush Graveyard - ok a bit morbid but it's a historic site now and I love the gate and the cobbled pathway outside.
I went for muted shades and a few items that had been neglected up to now on the blog. The time since I took these photos is given away in that I actually sold the jacket in my blog sale a few weeks ago (so behind with blog posts right now!). While I loved it, seeing it in these photos reminded me that it's too petite a fit for me - I need a slightly longer line in my jackets so it had to go to a new home.
Jacket - Fenn Wright Manson (similar)
Top - Random boutique brand (similar)
Shoes - Room 31 (similar)
Jeans - French Connection
Bag - Fiorelli
(all past season)
The top is an oldie that (I am embarrassed to say) still had its tags on. It's a vest shape with sequins on the front and back. I got it a few years ago in a boutique and I'm not sure why I've never worn it or indeed, given it away as I usually do with anything I don't wear. I always loved the colour and the shape. 
The shoes are a sale purchase from Room 31 last year. They were hugely reduced and I figured everyone should have a pair of patent nude shoes in their wardrobe so I bought them. I can see me wearing again and again now I've broken them in. 
The jeans are French Connection and the handbag used to belong to Rosanna over at silverbrogues blog - I bought it from her at the Style Fair last month!

I haven't forgotten the hen photos - I promise they will feature soon...just editing out the ones that I'm not allowed share :)

Have a great weekend! I'm off now to sort out uniforms...fingers crossed they all fit!




  1. Gorgeous top! I love muted tones & a bit of sparkle is also necessary when it's date night (we don't have enough of them either!)
    Have a great weekend
    Ruth x

  2. I love this outfit on you. I agree, every woman should have a pair of nude patent shoes in their wardrobe. They instantly make your legs look longer!

  3. Looking gorgeous & I just had to say that bag was such a great great buy!

  4. I'm with you on the shoes, I should get some nude heels really. Fab outfit and although it looks great, in hindsight I guess you are right about the jacket xx

  5. I totally love the top - why was that still sitting in your wardrobe???? Hope you had a great night.

  6. You are totally right about the nude heels and I should totally remedy that but I've managed this long without so far because I really don't get out that much (no lie).

    And there's no flies on you - jacket gone already. I did take a leaf out of your book though and have done a bit of "curating" and I've now got rid of a stack load of clothes that I am realistically not ever going to fit in to ever again or wish to wear again. What makes something so right when we buy it, become so wrong?

  7. Lovely outfit - your hair looks so long now.

  8. I think your whole outfit looks fab Avril but I know how you feel if something is not quiet the way you want it to be! I have reduced my wardrobe drastically again yesterday and it actually feels good this time:)Enjoy your Sunday.
    ~Anne xx

  9. How "super" glamorous you look......And your hair, it looks as if your wearing it a bit it that way! xx

  10. I love how you have styled your bag! Your shoes are gorg - maybe you could add those to the next blog sale;)

  11. You're so right about nude shoes. I've worn a pair of nude ballet flats to death this summer ... I should definitely think about getting a heeled version as well. Looking good as always Avril :)

  12. Love your colour choices, so chic and effortlessly elegant. xx

  13. Love the top Avril - I do like a bit of sequin action now and then. Shoes are gorgeous - I'd love a similar pair! Hope the uniforms fitted ok! xx

  14. Stunning outfit Avril I especially love your sequinned top, hope you had a great night! x

  15. You look so fresh and young and glam - how is this possible?????? What face cream do you use and what products on your hair.

    I am officially jealous!



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