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One of the highlights last week was meeting up with two of the friends I've made through blogging. Last week, I mentioned that I met up with Natalie from Glam Rosie in London on Wednesday but I also visited Natalie on Thursday as she lives close to a place we wanted to take the kids to. We were welcomed and entertained like old friends in Natalie's home and got to meet her adorable daughters and her parents. How amazing this blogging fellowship - so amazing in fact, I forgot to take photos. We were being fed too well (including home-made coconut & lime drizzle cake) and my camera was neglected.

Then again, on Saturday, the family and I travelled to visit Marlene from Chocolate Cookies & Candies. Now Marlene is a photographer so there was no chance of a photographic fail. Quite the opposite - despite no make-up and a hangover, Marlene worked magic with her lens...tho Mr SGS took this first photo...obviously!

Still working the capsule....
Coat - Matalan
Jumper - Off-Duty Merino from Boden
Canonbury Cross Body/Clutch - Boden
Grey Skinny Utility Trousers - UNIQLO
Black Ankle Boots - Clarks (Past Season - occasionally to be found on eBay) 
I'm off now to sob into my point and click camera and the distinctly average shots it took of today's outfit. Oh to have a photographer husband...
Photo credits throughout to Marlene. Thank you lovely lady for showing my family and I around your home-town and being such an amazing host.

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  1. Doesn't the world look different through a DSLR? Sadly, I have to make do with a mirror and a point and click too. But yes, the photos are totally gorgeous and I wish I could have joined you girls.

  2. Hi there! What a wonderful week to be able to catch up with Marlene and Natalie, sounds like you had a fabulous time and isn't it a shame you can't have a mini Marlene on you to pull out for outfit shots, her photography is so on point and great! Love your little pink bag, a gorgeous pop of colour for this season xx

  3. I LOVE this coat and the whole outfit.
    When I next see Marlene I'm going to capture her and she is going to take my photos every day (she doesn't know it yet so don't tell her!)


  4. Anonymous10:31

    Wow, professional pics really make a difference - you look great!

  5. I'm making do with the IPhone as I've lost the charger for our fairly decent camera - so fed up of looking for it now that a purchase from Amazon is on the cards. Grrrr. You look great - adore those boots. Donna x

  6. Ha - I keep asking my Husband to do the photography - he's very reluctant to get involved:) You look stunning - look at your flawless skin - I'd never wear make up if I looked as fresh as you do with a hangover;) xx Isn't the canonbury clutch fabulous?

  7. Gorgeous photos, lovely to have such a great reminder of your day together too! Lusting after that Boden sweater Avril, it looks so cosy and I love how you are wearing it x

  8. You look stunning Avril & I'm totally in love with that Boden bag xx

  9. Anonymous21:38

    Wow, stunning pics Avril! I have outfit you mind me asking if you wash and straighten your hair each morning? Sorry to sound like your style stalker but I never seem to set aside the time to do much else than stick my hair into a pony tail and I'm guessing that with 3 young children you probably don't have the luxury of time each morning. However your hair always looks glossy and stylish , so please could you share any tips and secrets.

    Thank you!

    Cath x

    1. Hi Cath, sorry for the slow reply! I am a complete minger with my hair. I wash it once a week. Yes...once every 7 days. It takes so long to wash, dry and style as it's so coarse and thick so if I had to do it every day, I'd have chopped it off by now! Thankfully, once it's styled well, it holds that pretty well for the week. I rarely brush it and mostly leave it down. And dry shampoo is my friend!
      I have a blow dry bar near my school run which does a wash and blow dry for £8 so I would use it a couple of times a month too. I think the better your hair sits, the better you feel and look so I don't mind's only the cost of a few coffees and I save money on products, hot water and electricity too!
      Having said all that, I've just gotten a Babyliss Big Hair to test and I'm REALLY impressed. Watch this space for a post. I may never need to pay for a blow dry again! xx

  10. Ah thanks for the lovely post Avril, was great to see you again and meet your lovely family. We all need a Marlene around us, she takes amazing photos. I am so jealous you look this good with no make-up and a hangover!!!!x

    1. I'm SO cross we didn't take pictures at yours...really really cross. You were so good to us. Thank you...I hope I can return the hospitality some time in the future xx

  11. Lovely photos & Marlene is just great in front of & behind the lens! You look so happy & relaxed Avril & I can't believe you are make up free! So gorgeous! Ax


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