Autumn Colours & Hush Puppies

Loving this milder weather - still cool enough to require a coat and scarf but I'm getting to wear one of my favourite coats lots. It's this Hobbs quilted coat that's actually quite lightweight so not suitable for a really cold or wet day but the colour really lends itself to autumn. It's a style of coat that Hobbs repeat each year with some small changes. This year's one is almost sold out online - only a few blacks left here.
Today my new Hush Puppies got a trip out but frustratingly, I couldn't test their waterproof-ness as it was so dry! They are leather but they are from a new range by Hush Puppies that are waterproof, have a cushioned footbed and anti-friction technology. They've also got the most amazing tweed lining right down to the toes that keeps your legs and feet super warm.

I was looking everywhere for a nice pair of tan boots so these fit the bill perfectly. They are so comfortable, really warm and the fact that I can wear them in all weathers is a big plus. I'll definitely let you know how I get on with them in the rain.
Fit-wise, I would say they are better suited for wider feet and wider legs. I have quite a wide foot so the 6.5 fits me perfectly (I would often have to size up to a 7 in a narrower boot). I don't have wide legs however but I was able to adjust the width at the top of the leg to remove any gape. Result!

Worn today with my gold striped jumper from H&M, Skinny jeans from Gok @ TU and scarf from M&S - all old items. The scarf always generates requests about where to find similar ones so I've had a look about and here is the only one I can find with similar colours:
M&S - Marcel Wanders
Sorry - not much of a selection. If anyone does see anything similar, do let me know. 
Hope you're having a good day - we're off now to see Santa at Hillmount Garden Centre!


Disclaimer: These boots were gifted to me by Hush Puppies but the opinions are my own. I only chose gifted items that I like, would genuinely wear myself and happily recommend to others! I wasn't paid to write this post



  1. LOVE them! I'm in the market for some tan/brown boots and to be honest I would never have thought of looking at Hush Puppies. Guess I should revise that way of thinking!!

  2. Anonymous22:29

    I love your Puppies Avril!! xxx

  3. The new boots are is the rest of the outfit! These colours work so well, it's all perfectly put together! Love it x

  4. Loving the whole look like you have legs that go on forever! X

  5. Fab boots and I really like your green coat, I wouldn't ordinarily go for green but it looks so nice on you xx

  6. Mmmm what a gorgeous pair of boots, the perfect colour of tan! X

  7. Fab boots! My Best Buddy here has a pair & they are gorgeous too! Ax


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