I'm an IN Magazine Glamour Awards Finalist!

Well this is another blog highlight! I got an email last week telling me that I have been shortlisted in the IN Magazine Glamour Awards for Online Personality of the Year. Now this is a big deal here in Northern Ireland! It means I get to go along to the Glamour Awards on Saturday 22nd March and I have the chance of winning one of the coveted local 'gongs'...along with the likes of Jamie Dornan, Rory McIlroy, Christine Bleakley and James Nesbitt. 
Now as with all these awards, there's a public vote aspect and here's where you come in. I'm asking if you could please click on this link to vote for me. You'll have to cast a vote in all categories (not just the one I'm nominated in) by clicking on the person you most want to win - only type in a name in the text box if you want to add another person to the nominee list as a 'People's Choice'. 
Lots of friends so far have typed their choice of the 5 nominees in the boxes and not clicked on the actual image to vote - meaning the vote isn't registered...so do click the boxes so that your chosen person is highlighted in red as follows:

I would be SO grateful for your vote and never fear, you'll be part of the whole experience with me in the lead up (dress selection - eek!) and on the night too.
Thank you SO much,
Avril x


  1. Hi there! How awesome, I've just voted for you-best of luck! xxx

  2. Voted! Best of luck! X

  3. Huge congrats Avril on being nominated & fingers crossed that you win the award - my vote has been cast! Can't wait to see what you decide to wear :-) Jane xx

  4. 'Voted!! Had to guess lots of 'other' catagories;) Good luck!

  5. Anonymous19:24

    Have voted ( I think - the page was doing strang things :-/ )
    good luck

  6. Yeah!! Well done I will vote for you now! Xx

  7. Woohoo what an achievement to even be nominated!! You've got my bit anyway Avril!! X

  8. Congrats, going to vote now xx

  9. Thank you everyone for your support - I'm so so grateful and all a bit emotional! Ax

  10. Well done Avril and the very best of luck!! Amazing to be nominated and a finalist:)Off to vote:)
    ~Anne xx

  11. Done Avril, best of luck;-)

  12. Well done and the very best of lucks! That's so amazing!

    Greetings from London,


  13. Congratulations!! That's super exciting!! Have cast my vote and fingers crossed you win on the night x

  14. I am so pleased and proud of you - WHOOP WHOOP! I have voted and if I could vote every day for you I would :-)

    YOU HAVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well done :)
    I've voted best of luck xx

  16. Anonymous22:08

    Wow, best of luck! I've voted. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  17. I voted & wish you all the best Avril! Good Luck! <3 Ax


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