How I Wear My Harems

I promised you that after sourcing all the images from Pinterest of other women rocking harems, I'd try to replicate some of the looks myself. It was challenging to say the least.
First up, I had reluctant photographers. My kids are great - they'll take a few pictures if I ask them once or twice a week. But they don't like being asked every 20 minutes over one afternoon.
I asked each in turn, bribing encouraging them...and I would say that I had about a 5% success rate with the photos as they were all pre-occupied with getting back to Lego/TV/colouring in. As I planned my 5th look, the three of them disappeared to different parts of the house and didn't respond to my calls....4 looks it is!

The harems I'm wearing throughout are from Hush - they are black and I'm wearing the size S/M, which I would say equates to a generous 12.
First up - this is how Hush style them on their own website...alongside my interpretation..I'm on the left ;)
Harems - c/o Hush
Grey Jacket - Mint Velvet (SS13 - similar here & here)
Scarf - Old
Sandals - TK Maxx (SS12)
T-Shirt - Zara
Next up - styling with an unstructured jacket
Jacket - Hot Squash
White Vest - M&S
Black Patent Sandals - LK Bennett Outlet
Then a loose interpretation of this next one. I'm calling it 'wearing with tan accessories'. I did try the belt but the Hush harems have a tie waist detail and a belt doesn't really sit properly on them. I also tried with a lacy top I have but it all looked a bit too fussy - hence the white vest again. Loved this look I have to say and will be wearing on the school run.
Denim Jacket - M&S (SS12 - similar)
White Vest - M&S
Tan Cross Body - Boden (AW13 - similar here & here)
Tan Sandals - Clarks (SS12 - similar here & here)
Final look is a night out look which I also love and will re-create again
Cropped Black Jacket - Dunnes (6 years old - similar here & here)
Grey Cowl Neck Vest - Room 31 (old - similar here)
Black Sandals - Heatons (current)
Sparkle Necklace - SGS Shop
Box Clutch - TK Maxx (SS13 - similar here)
So what do you think? Did the girl do good? It goes without saying that I am now a harem lover and am already planning what colour to buy my second pair in!



  1. Abbi12:36

    Oh you look so good in harems! I have the Hush ones and probably mostly wear them how you have styled them in the first pic, and this is my favourite of yours! Although I love them, my husband hates them - have you had similar feedback?! I don't think men get them!
    Abbi x

  2. I'm stunned, amused and excited that you are now a convert:) Love the evening look - for me the bigger the better when it comes to harems!! xxx

  3. The girl did VERY good indeed!!! Love the last two looks. I tried on harem/joggers in Next and they were beyond awful on me. Should I order from Hush?? I have to say, I'm very tempted having seen these pics. Good job Avril!! x

  4. Jane14:56

    I also bought the next ones but these look really nice the only problem I found was you got the shape of your knees in them which I found a bit off putting anybody have that issue and know a solution


  5. Really clever how you did this - my fave is no3, though I also love the final dressy look. I want a pair now too, though fear I'd never shoehorn myself back into jeans again once I'd tried these!

    Nic x

  6. ps do you know of anyone who has tried the jersey Hush jacket in the top pic? Been considering it...

  7. Oh yes they look great and I adore the last outfit! x

  8. Rachel18:30

    Gosh Avril, you look amazing in them!!

  9. Hi Avril, I have not tried harems, must give them a go having seen how you styled yours. My fav looks are 3 and 4, although you look great in all of them.
    Sue x

  10. Jules23:08

    You've done a fab job of styling these. I have a black pair that I wear around the house but I would never go out in them, the Husband thinks they are obsenely unattractive, he says it looks like a nappy is being worn. He then ventured into a rant about what harem actually means....

  11. Jules23:10

    *obscenely :)

  12. You've done an excellent job styling these pants. I particularly like the last two outfits, my very favorite being the one with the denim jacket. I, too, was VERY hesitant when these style pants entered the scene again, that is until I saw my close friend wear them and look amazing. I knew I had to find the right pair, which I did by Wayf from (the same pair she wore). I wear them often, though I tend to dress them up rather than wear them super casual. I own a black pair and navy pair. I also own a more casual pair with a tuxedo stripe down the sides. I LOVE the way harem (track pants) look with a pointy toe heel. I'm glad you gave this style a try and found the "right" pair for you. They look amazing and you've styled them marvelously. I have yet to style mine with a denim jacket but it is next on my list now! Thanks for the inspiration. - Celina :)

  13. Wow! have done an amazing job of styling these! The first look is my favourite! Are you converted enough with the harems to try a printed pair yet?? xx

  14. I like the first one and the last one the most. They're not for me but that's why I like reading blogs, because you ladies will test out all the trends that I won't! Harems do look comfy - I like that yours don't have a baggy saggy crotch a la Hammer pants.... :)

  15. Oh brilliant! The last one is my absolute favourite

  16. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges18:23

    4 gorgeous looks Avril & I love your tan clarks sandals! My son hates being my photographer & rolls his eyes when I ask him! xx

  17. I prefer your' styling hands down Avril. My favourite look would be number three. I have those sandals too. H xx

  18. Whoa Avril - I have some catching up to do with you. I don't have a pair of harems yet but you are making them look really easy to wear and dress up. The thing is finding a pair where the material isn't too thin so they don't look too "home wear". Right, I'm on the case!

  19. Didn't you do well Avril! Love the going out outfit in particular. I have black ones also but I find you need to try on a few things with them to find something that works. At the minute with approximately 30 seconds to get dressed most days they don't make the cut! But they are great when done well. X

  20. Victoria07:38

    Oh you look great in them! I bought the Next ones in black this weekend but they just look like slightly baggy leggings on me. I'm a 5ft3 size 14 apple shape with quite big thighs though which might be why. I'm so sad as I've gone completely off leggings and wanted an alternative. I don't suppose the Hush ones are baggier than the Next ones?

  21. This is the first time I've seen haram pants look good! Love the one with the red jacket and the evening look especially.

  22. Hi Victoria - sorry for the delay replying - I wasn't able to reply while away. So yes, the Hush ones are definitely baggier...and a thicker cotton too so they are less prone to bagginess at the knees! xx


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