How to wear Harem Pants

I never thought I'd write this post. But birkenstocks, trainers and boyfriend jeans, I've come round to harem pants and based on the emails I've been getting since I first featured my Hush ones on the blog, you're coming round to them too.

But the question I'm getting from almost everyone who has been in touch is how to wear them. You're liking the look, the comfort and the fact that they are a great alternative to denim. But how on earth to style them?

Like most busy mums, I get my inspiration from friends, bloggers and pinterest/google images. Whether I buy something depends on how much I like the look of someone else wearing it. So based on what I've seen online and the photos I've pinned to my Pinterest board, here are a few things (in my opinion) to take into account when wearing harem pants...

Stick to clean colours and lines. Avoid patterns and if adding colour - keep the palate simple mixing no more than two other colours. A subtle necklace or a scarf can be added to pull the outfit together

photo - Hush

Wear a neater style top to balance the fluidity of the trousers. Look for a shorter jersey top that's not too doesn't have to be tight, just neat and not long-line.

photo - Pinterest

If you are conscious of your tummy, add a casual jacket. This helps to disguise any lumps and bumps. The important thing is that you're defining the torso so that the whole outfit isn't a baggy mess
Photo - Pinterest

Photo - Pinterest

Another way to define the waist is to wear a belt
Photo - Pinterest

My other view on these types of trousers is that when it comes to footwear, wear a strappy sandal or shoe...something with lots of foot on show.

Photo - Hush

If you're feeling brave, they do work with wedge trainers and Converse but I've personally found that look harder to pull off. I think you need lots of height for this and a bit of an edgy look.
Harem6Photo - Pinterest

Photo - Pinterest

Where to get them? Well, I've been having a look around and for me, the Hush ones are well worth investing in. The quality of the jersey is fantastic. They come in grey and black and I've used both in the photos above. If you want a less expensive version to ease you into the trend, you could try Next or ASOS.

In terms of how I'm going to wear them, it's going to involve most of the above. I've already worn mine with a short jersey top and denim jacket but having sourced these images, I'll do a try on using what I've got in my wardrobe and show you the different looks on a post next week.

Have I inspired you to consider some harems now? Or do they remain a step too far? Let me know what you think



  1. I love mine, my friends love mine on me, my family HATE mine on me!

    Cannot wait to see how you style them


  2. Siobhan Coleman21:31

    I love the first picture, I think that look is very "you"! Not so mad about the more formal look with the belt and I definitely think you need to be slim to rock this not for me : )

  3. NET-A-DRESSER09:44

    I really like the look, but haven't tried a pair yet, although I did get the comment from my VHM, when I showed him a pic, that he thinks they look like MC Hammer??!! xx

  4. The harems are such a great alternative to jeans, I have a plain black pair and some printed ones. I love the last pic with the colourful has inspired me to try this look with my plain black ones! xx

  5. So far I've only worn mine with a heel (wedges and last week with sandals). Can't wait to try flat sandals. Hurry up summer x

  6. I just wrote a very similar post wearing my harem pants four different ways. LOVED all the pictures you and suggestions.

  7. They look lovely on taller people but at 5ft 1in I think I would end up looking like a circus clown.

  8. I love them but they don't love me. My Husband hates them and even my DD looked at me in a peculiar way. I will try again, this summer, and soldier on. I love the way Hush style them. H xx

  9. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges12:38

    I think the Hush ones are just perfect & you did well to go for them! I have a few pairs but would love the Hush ones too! Some great styling tips here too! xx


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