On the hunt for a Black Jumpsuit

Firstly, thank you for all the supportive comments on my last post. It made yesterday an emotional day - in a good way. I can honestly say I'm stronger for reading your kind words and wise advice. I'll try to keep the personal drama to a minimum from here on in - promise ;)
Now, let's get back to shopping and fashion - #priorities - and have I mentioned I'm heading Stateside on the 28th May? Yes, in just over 2 weeks, about 60 members of Belfast Community Gospel Choir will arrive in New York City for a 5 day visit! I've hardly had a minute to look forward to this but I may drive you mad mentioning it from now on.

We've got several events to sing at each day and are staying in a hostel with 6 to a room so it's going to be challenging to pack for this trip. It's unlikely we'll have time for laundry or ironing as some of our gigs are back to back, late nights and early mornings.
So I've decided to pack lots of jersey and have been accumulating bits and pieces for a while now. But I've still to find the right  black jumpsuit.
I want something that's jersey or crease resistant, with a tapered leg, a closed in back, not too plunging a neckline and ideally sleeveless (though not strappy). And for less than £50 if at all possible. Not too much to ask surely?!
To avoid a long day traipsing around the shops, I went online this weekend and here are my contenders.

Jumpsuit Collage1.jpg
1. Phase Eight
, 2. Mango (fits the bill but but a bit ££ for Mango!), 3. Jane Norman, 4. New Look

Jumpsuit Collage2.jpg
1. Wallis
, 2. Dorothy Perkins, 3. Mint Velvet, 4. Matalan

Out of all of these, I'm first going to look at the DP and Matalan ones in the shops tomorrow. But in the meantime, I've ordered these three from ASOS. Free delivery & free returns - love ASOS!

Jumpsuit Collage3.jpg
1. Jumpsuit with Racer Back
, 2. Love Jumpsuit with Open Back (completely not what I was looking for but I want to try it on) & 3. Love Jumpsuit with Belted Detail

Will fill you in when I've done a try on but lol at these collages - they all look the same...mmmm....I'm sure there are some key differences.....let me report back.

Finishing with my day to night outfit from Friday. This is the day...
Jacket - Mint Velvet (SS13 - similar here)
Jeans - Gap Outlet (similar)
Coral T-Shirt - H&M
Birkenstocks - Arizona in Basalt Grey
And a quick change for dinner out with a friend..
Jacket - H&M
Black Flowy Top - H&M (not online)
Jeans - as before
Sandals - c/o Heatons
Necklace - Flower Statement from my Shop
Clutch - Boden (AW12)

Be back soon...



  1. Hey Avril!! So lovely to see all the support and appreciation you've received, blogging has so many positives but can be an enduring and frustrating place to be too- you've learnt a lot I'm sure and this will stand you in good stead for the future. Thanks for your lovely comments too, they are so much appreciated and it would be so nice to meet you too at some point on one of your future travels to London! You've chosen some really lovely jumpsuit choices- maybe a mid price one will be more of a keeper too? I love the v front options and I really love Michelle's one from Mango, it looks fabulous on! Have a good week my lovely! xx

  2. The DP one looks a different shape....I like different! Also liking the Jane Norman too.....will look forward to the verdict! Xx

  3. Working this morning at home as I'm expecting the ASOS delivery - will nip out before picking the kids up to try on the DP one! :) x

  4. Abbi13:51

    I like the third ASOS one, I'm also looking for one so may have to try this one!
    A x

  5. Lovely outfits Avril. I've got the Phase Eight one, it fits like a dream xx

  6. How can you so easily rock those Birkenstocks? I feel sure I would look like a librarian with cats if I tried them on. (Not meant to offend any librarians with cats btw).

  7. Oooh I have jumpsuit envy - cannot wait to see you in one - I NEED ONE, it's really one of the items I'm missing from my life.

    Love the day to night - perfection!

  8. Ingrid McCarroll16:46

    Loving the H&M flowing top from Friday evening - this season?
    I own last year's Phase Eight wide leg jumpsuit in blak and navy (sale lucky find!) and love it to bits. It is slinky jersey and washes like a ribbon! Definitely worth the extra £s in my opinion...

  9. LOL! You're right .. the collages are hilariously similar! But as you say, I'm sure they all have major differences in real life. Will be interested to see how you get on. I'd love a jumpsuit ... just need to lose a stone or two first, as they can be a tad unforgiving of a mum tum!

  10. Wow a great selection of jumpsuits Avril, I can't wait to see which one you decide on. I love my black jumpsuit & can't wait to wear it again once the weather heats up.
    Jane xx

  11. MyLittlePony18:04

    Love the jumpsuit selection!
    I've tried the Mint Velvet one but was between sizes (no stretch and quite tricky to get on/off). Fabric was good though.
    Like the look of the last Love one and the New Look one too - might give them a try.
    Problem I have found is thin jersey fabrics which show underwear line.

  12. Can't beat a great jumpsuit - I'm already stressing about what to pack for NYC!! It could be really warm! No heels either as I'll be pounding the pavements! xxx

  13. Have to say I love the look of the DP one....I love the slash neck! Having just worn my Mango one for the first time I can vouch for the fact that a jumpsuit will be perfect for your trip.....so easy to dress up with some killer heels, would be perfect with the little block heel sandals you have on above or it would be fab with flats!! Be super with your little biker jacket over it too! Look forward to seeing which one you choose xx

  14. Rachel19:51

    What fab choices - please post which one you decide on!

  15. Claireh19:58

    Avril, I have always absolutely loathed jumpsuits....but now...................the ASOS racer back is very me!!!!

  16. Oo, nice! I like the Phase 8 & Mint Velvet ones...

    You've got me wanting one now! X

  17. This is the perfect post for me - I have been looking for a black jumpsuit for ages, love the belted ones but that Dorothy Perkins one is for me!

  18. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges14:02

    I love the Dotty Ps one & the burgandy has gone in the sale but the black hasn't! :( This would be perfect for you to pack & would do day to night perfectly too! So glad you got to go out & enjoy yourself after all the stress & drama! Vent away Darl! We're all human! xx

  19. Love that h and m top, it will go perfectly with my new trousers

    Can I ask what it's made of and how much it was so I can see if I can find it in store


  20. Hi Kim - are you asking about the black one? I wasn't able to find it online but my local store had loads of them about 3 weeks ago. It's jersey viscose on the bottom half and then more like a shirt viscose material across the shoulders. It's got open sides when you raise your arms - a bit like a cape - so you do need to wear a black vest underneath. I think it was only £7.99. Hope that helps - if I see it again, I'll take a picture of the label x

  21. Louise08:10

    Hi Avril. You look amazing in the jumpsuit & for £20 it's a no brainer! I am going to give one a try as I have several events coming up that it will be great for. What shoes will you be wearing with it? I like you, don't get on with anything too high with a slim heel! Thank you. L x

  22. I think I'm going to wear my Heaton's ones from this post. But it also looks lovely with flat sandals and with a pair of jewelled pumps I have for daytime. More flattering with a heel though for going out. Have settled on the Matalan one and I'm wearing it out tonight! xx


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