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If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know that I'm troubled by my back from time to time. It's a long term issue that may have been triggered by carrying the twins to full term. About 5 years ago, this weakness in my back led to a disc hitting my sciatic nerve, which put me out of action for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, the sciatic nerve thing has happened again and I'm currently confined to my bed. The pain gradually built over the past two weeks on holidays and I probably battled on a little too much while we were away - which resulted in my back completely giving up the goat on Wednesday, en route back to Belfast. I've received great care since I got home and am finally on the right medication to manage the pain so I can hopefully start moving again in a few days and commence the physio & pilates necessary to get me back to full strength once more.

So for a while, I'm not going to be able to do outfit posts but the blog will be a necessary source of distraction so I will continue to share sale bargains, AW14 new ranges and inspirational outfits from some of my favourite bloggers. And I will try to show and tell the Hush order from my last post...essential as it arrived yesterday and I need to decide what's being returned before it's too late for a refund!

Upside/downside to bed rest is that I've been filling online shopping baskets like you wouldn't believe..

Here are some of my favourite sales at the moment:

Atterley Road - serious jacket love going on & a bargain down-filled winter coat
Great Plains - where this wrap cardigan would be perfect for autumn
Boden - now at 60% off - these sandals are calling to me!
Mint Velvet - loving the knitwear & the leather
Bakujen - fantastic basics like white shirts & jersey tops
French Connection - amazing boyfriend jeans and some great coats including this grey wool one
Zara - loving these leopard sandals & this stunning bright coat

I have 7 virtual baskets going on but no checkout completed yet....let's hope I'm up and about soon before that happens!!

Oh and to finish, I'm unfortunately unable to re-open the shop yet. It's just not possible to fulfil orders at the moment. I will endeavour to re-open next weekend, all being well. Thank you for your patience.




  1. I've actually shopped the Great Plains sale Avril! Got a gorgeous blue dress that I've been getting great wear out of!
    I do hope your pain improves greatly and soon, meanwhile enjoy the sales xx

  2. I do hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime happy on-line shopping. Take care
    Sue x

  3. So sorry to hear things aren't improving Avril but I hope you will be on the mend soon! Take care xx

  4. So sorry to hear that, hope you feel much better soon. Having never suffered a bad back until a spell of about 3 weeks recently, I know how debilitating it can be. I appreciate my back so much more now it is recovered and am treating it with care! (It was a stupid box lifting incident at work that put mine out, it wasn't even that heavy!)

    Thanks for the follow on Instagram :)

    Antonia x

  5. Love the idea of shopping in bed:) Take care xx

  6. I hope you get well soon as I know you are having a terrible time. Much Love H xx

  7. Oh Avril poor you, back pain is so lowering. Really hope the medication kicks in & you're up & about in no time. In the meantime enjoy the R&R & happy shopping!!!
    Jane xx

  8. Sorry to read this Avril- get well soon!x

  9. Hope your back recovers very soon Avril, I feel your pain having suffered with numerous a slipped disk in the past. Love those Leopard cute!! keep up that virtual shopping.... it helps :) only thing is you know it will inevitably become actual instead of virtual lol xx

  10. Hope you feel better real soon Avril, so awful for you xx

  11. Get well soon Avril xx

  12. Oh you poor thing, that sounds just awful. Hopefully all the meds will kick in asap and you will be back on your feet in no time. Major respect at resisting the temptation of pressing those 'buy' buttons!!! Get well soon xx

  13. You poor thing, you sound in agony but you are doing the right thing and that is NOTHING but rest.

    Here's to a speedy recovery, you come first don't forget.


  14. I'm terribly sorry to read about your back pain. I'll be sending you good thoughts for a quick recovery. I look forward to reading about your progress and fashion ideas. Take care. - Celina

  15. Louise20:51

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Avril. Best wishes Louise xx

  16. I suffered from sciatica after having my son and it was awful. I feel your pain. Hope you improve soon. Look forward to your posts! Lynne x

  17. Oh Avril, you poor lady. Try and make the most of the down time, as frustrating as it must be, relax and get yourself fighting fit again. My friend has back troubles and slipped a disc last year, put her out for months but has since joined the gym, swims and does classes (not too much) but gentle exercise built into her life has stopped it happening again. On a positive note - time to really browse the sales online! Those Boden sandals are gorgeous in the navy sparkle and zebra print and that grey FCUK - BARGAIN! x

  18. Oh Avril! This does not sound good at all! I hope that you are feeling better & thank goodness you are home & in your own bed! Nowt worse than being away & unwell! I fear your blog will be dangerous for a while now as you highlight more gorgeous buys for us to swoon over whilst you are resting up! Take care & I hope to see you up & active in no time! Ax

  19. Jenny G11:01

    Sorry to hear about your back trouble Avril - so painful. Hope the medication kicks in for you. At least you can shop from bed in the meantime! Get well soon and take care! xx

  20. Avril, I hope your back is easing up a little now and you are feeling a little better. Back pain is so debilitating and soo sore. Glad to hear you are still managing to shop, albeit very virtually. Wishing you better really soon xxx

  21. 40 not out20:37

    Hope you feel better soon


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