Y.A.S Biker Jacket Bargain

UPDATE - This jacket has completely sold out :( but is available on the Y.A.S site for €149 in the size 38 only - which works out at about £120. I've searched and cannot find it anywhere else but if anyone else sees it elsewhere - let me know!

I put this on Facebook earlier and then thought it warranted a quick post of its own as I know not all of you are on Facebook.

One of my favourite bloggers, Anneli at What I Bought Today has been wearing an amazing Y.A.S. leather biker jacket for months now and every time I see her wearing it, I look for it online and wish I could justify the expense. 

That was until I found it on the Isme site yesterday - reduced from £250 to £75 (benefits of being bed-bound - oh and you can pay in instalments too...just saying...) Fabulous bargain if you're in the market for a real leather biker jacket - as I was, since realising how much wear I was getting from my H&M faux leather one.
So it arrived today and the quality is lovely. It's got that new leather look but I know it will get more beautiful with wear.

YAS Collage
Here is Anneli wearing it as it doesn't look so hot on me with PJ's and here is the bargainous link to Isme

For info, I bought the size 40 - which equates to a decent 12 I would say - I wanted room to wear knitwear under it in the autumn.

PS Husband now threatening to take the laptop off me...



  1. Hi my dear!! Ooh so loving this and what a fabulous discount! xx

  2. Such a stunning jacket and what an amazing find...reduced to £75, that is so good and the leather looks amazing! You deserve as a little present to yourself for having a bad back, hope you are up and about again really soon, looking forward to seeing you model the jacket, take care xxxxxxx

  3. Abbi15:08

    Amazing bargain, good to see you are putting your rest time to good shopping use! Really hope you are in less pain now!
    Abbi x

  4. I'm not surprised it's sold out Avril....what an steal at £75!! Gorgeous jacket, it looks so soft! Hope you are feeling a bit better xx

  5. I have just been doing catch up with my blogs, and read about your back.....Sounds horrible, but also sounds like you are on the mend. As you so it would be rude not to do some virtual shopping when bed bound whats a gal supposed to do??! That jacket is/was right up my street, and what a bargain I have missed! p.s. I just bought a similar one by twenty8twelve drastically reduced on Asos, it's also on my latest blog post too, if you want a peek? Get well soon Helen xx

  6. This jacket is gorgeous. I already have four leather jackets but would seriously consider adding this one to my collection :)

  7. nadia07:50

    Hi great find jacket looks lovely. Just for anyone who is interested isme have the jacket back in stock in small. If you open a credit account and use the code 4KN3K you get it for £45!

  8. Love it! Its gorgeous & what a great price too! I plan to invest in a real leather one this Autumn as I wore my faux one until it literally fell apart! LOL at Hubby wanting to take the lap top off of you! Now thats just plain mean! ;) Ax


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