Best Ankle Boots for AW14

I know long boots are coming back in this season but I still can't get over by obsession with ankle boots. No matter how many pairs I have, I can always convince myself that I need another pair and this season is no different. So it's good to know that this season has a few key differences in styles to help you justify at least one new pair.

First noticeable difference across many brands is that toes are getting pointy. This pair from ASOS is a case in point. I'm currently sat with the black and khaki in my virtual basket and can't make up my mind...
Whistles also have something similar at a higher price point, with a nod to the loafer trend - the Riley Pointed Loafer Ankle Boot:
And this zipped option from Zara is really stunning and a great heel height for the school run
Another on trend difference this season is the patent/shiny finish and with the same colour dilemma, both colours in these Marks & Spencer beauties are sitting in my online basket too. They're slightly less pointy than the ASOS ones and a bit lower in the heel. I've tried these on - they are really lovely. 20% off with the current issue of Grazia, making them £55 with free home delivery!!
I also loved these suede M&S elasticated panel boots that I tried on the same day - nice shaped toe, very wearable heel and also available in tan.
The Acne Pistol is the classic ankle boot that most of us could only dream of. Mind you, if I added up what I've spent on ankle boots over the past 3 years, I'd have enough to buy a couple of pairs. Having said that, they do go into the sale now and again so worth keeping an eye out for them.
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 16.46.18
This year, Moda in Pelle have this great Acne Pistol copy - the Kirra, in black or tan suede. Really loving the look of them
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 18.51.02
This pair also from Moda in Pelle - the Loxley in black caught my eye. A bit high for the school run but check those Isabel Marant style buckles out!
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 17.23.11
Clarks also have these lovely patent look boots - with a very wearable wedge heel, apparently what I'm *supposed* to be wearing this winter. Again, I have the love for both colours...will definitely try to get in-store to see what these look like in the flesh.
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.40.40Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.40.26
Seven Boot Lane has come up trumps again with some lovely new designs - the Carrie in black is a total classic that you'll wear for years:
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.44.34
but as I've got burgundy on the brain this season and know how comfy the Carla is, I'm coveting the Bordo Suede with studs
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.49.24
With burgundy in mind, these Tamaris boots from Laundry Online appeared in my searches. Really well priced and I love the shape of the toe
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 16.27.46
Another trend I'm seeing across many brands is metallic and if comfort is of the essence, then you won't go wrong with these Amy boots from Esska. I've just received them in the post and can confirm that they look even better in real life and are unbelievably comfortable. Given my heel limitations this winter, these are going to be worn loads. I'll do a separate post on them to show how versatile metallic boots are.
On the metallic thread but a bit higher, are these Lola Cruz boots from Daniel Footwear. The shape is very Acne-like also and the colour is fabulous.
While I was on the Daniel website, I spotted these black Ash Spirals - another classic ankle boot - for just £99. Limited sizes available and sadly not in mine.
Finally, I'm always asked every winter about navy ankle boots and the good news is that there are some lovely ones about. These Soho Ankle Boots from Boden with a black trim are a particular favourite of mine, though a little high for me at the moment.
With a more manageable heel, the Chic Ankle Boot is another gorgeous navy option
And somewhere in-between, it's the Boho Boot - very Ash Spiral'esque!
And there you have it...if I indulged my boot obsession, I'd happily buy a pair of all of the above...just as well the budget doesn't allow!

So a photo heavy round up of my favourites - hope it helps you if you're on an ankle boot hunt, as so many of you have told me in messages and comments. Happy Shopping!



  1. The Lola cruz ones are divine. Love them! I have the Boden boho boots from last year and they're a fab pair of boots. Great picks here, Avril. Lynne x

  2. Siobhan Coleman20:21

    I can't get my head (or feet!) around the pointy toe look, too "cowboy boot" for me! I like the Marks ones though, about as pointy as I would like. Maybe it's because I really don't need to make my already big feet look even bigger!! Liking the metallic ones you bought and the Clarks patent ones.

  3. I am also an ankle boot addict and I'm looking for a Chelsea boot style, so I really liked the black ASOS boot, and the M&S offering. A really helpful post Avril, thank you.
    Sue x

  4. Oh good heavens ... so much choice ... and such gorgeous choices. I am swimming against the tide here, as I already have knee length boots but want some ankle boots this year. Am still trying to get used to the pointy toes :)

  5. I am loving your choices here. The bigger heel amd pointed toe, adore this

  6. The Moda In Pelle Loxleys are divine. Probably my favourite heel height. Some great finds Avril and I'm with you on the ankle boots. Long ones always look like wellies on me but I will drag them out at some stage x

  7. Love the boho boot and the buckle boots. I wasn't too keen on the M&S ones until you tried them on, but they actually look really good! x

  8. I like the Esska ones, haven't heard of them before, will have to check them out!

  9. Carmel Chambers09:10

    Well, did you get the M&S Chelsea boots? I just got Grazia through the postbox and theres and M&S accessories brochure with a 20% off womens footwear and bags until Sept 23rd, think I may have to use it the next time I am in! I was lusting after a pair of grey pointy suede Autograph ankle boots last week. think I bought about 6 pairs of ankle boots last winter, can never have too many, I still love my long boots though. I am nearly wishing the weather would get a bit more Autumn like and chilly so I can wear them!

  10. Oh I love it Carmel - 6 pairs!!
    I did actually order the M&S ones in the end...just with the discount being so good. I ordered both colours to try out but I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the burgundy. But I'll still want a black pointy pair so the ASOS ones will probably end up being ordered next month! Thanks for the tip off about the Grazia coupon by the way - good excuse to get it and will share that on the blog too xx

  11. I must admit I am loving Boden's ankle boots this year and like them that they are Navy. Makes a nice change from black & tan.

  12. I feel a style steal coming up Avril with the 'ASOS EPIDEMIC'! Did you get them? Love love love the khaki ones. I cant get enough ankle boots, they are so easy to wear. The Marksie's ones look cute as well x

  13. Thank Keri - steal away! I haven't ordered the ASOS ones yet..instead ordered the M&S ones in both colours and I'm still awaiting delivery (takes SO long!!) before I decide. Dying to know what they're like in real life so do order and tell all! x

  14. Paula Fleming20:47

    Have you looked at the jigsaw ankle boots? Fab this season, especially the cara navy suede....

  15. Ooh there are some lovely boots here Avril! I could do with a dark tan & a navy pair! Love suede but it needs a bit more TLC than leather which always puts me off these days! Ax

  16. Victoria23:46

    Great selection! Have you seen anything lovely in grey whilst scouring the shops? I'm after ankle boots with a medium heel to wear with predominantly navy slim legged cropped trousers or skirts for the office. Not sure if the Boden Boho in Pewter is quite the right colour. Grateful for any tips!

  17. Hi Victoria - I have been asked a couple of times about grey ones so will do an additional short post with just some grey options in it - I have my Clarks ones from a few years ago and they're so versatile - definitely my favourite ankle boot from my extensive collection! In the meantime, there are some gorgeous ones in Mint Velvet on this link :

  18. Love your choices, and obviously had to buy a pair....the Chic ankle boots in navy from Boden have just arrived and are even nicer than the photo. Will look great with dark navy jeans and going to get lots of wear this autumn. Thanks Avril!

  19. Oh that's great to hear! I hadn't seen them yet...I'm at a Boden party in a few weeks so can't wait to see all the footwear up's definitely my favourite part of the collection this season. I might have to trade in my own navy ones for a slightly lower pair so I could be purchasing some Boden ones myself soon. Ax

  20. Wow, so many gorgeous choices! I especially love the M&S suede elasticated panel boots, both metallic pairs and all of the navy ones! At least one pair of ankle boots is on my to-buy list for the new season. xxx


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