Wearing Metallic Boots...

You might remember I mentioned these metallic boots in my round up of the best ankle boots for AW14. It all started with a notion in my head that I wanted some bronze boots. Additionally, I was scouring the internet for comfortable boots knowing that my heel wearing would be limited this winter. Dina recommended Esska as a great brand for comfort and they had these bronzed beauties new in stock - I love it when a plan comes together. I'm a sucker for an interesting back story also - busy mum who was an architect and retrained as a shoe designer.
There was a major tick in the comfort box when I tried them on - supportive but with a bit of a bounce to absorb impact. And the packaging was great too.
But how to wear them? Now I will be honest, I struggled with them initially as I thought they stood out too much on me...they felt a bit too shiny. But I did the usual googling and 'pinteresting' thing to get some inspiration..
Bronze Collage
...and tried them out at home a few different ways and realised that they work best if you go with the bronze/warm tones....leading to this outfit, which I wore the other day.
Jacket - Warehouse (old via eBay)
Scarf - Present (old)
Jeans - Limited @ M&S
Mint Green Top - Primark (old)
Boots - Esska Amy Bronze

Having seen a few other pictures on google in recent days, I also think they'll look lovely with a blazer style jacket and a big scarf - in a nod to the equestrian  look...a bit like this outfit seen on Melanie Sykes recently. Though I'm not sure if I'm ready for the peaked hat yet though...
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 17.07.43

Another addition to my ankle boot my defence, I didn't keep the M&S pointy ones...but while I'm fessing up, I might have 'acquired' a different pair from elsewhere...more later this week!




  1. I think they are fab Avril and of course the beauty of metallic is it goes with everything! x

  2. Hi my dear!! wow those boots looking amazingly comfortable and so stylish-you chose the right tones and colours for your outfit-looking lovely as usual! Hope you're well and have a good week xx

  3. Agh, I love them! LOVE THEM! WHY did I open this post? Now I have these on my wishlist, dang it!

    You look awesome and I am really glad they are working for you and your poor feet. Comfort and style, yes, please!

  4. They look great! What a gorgeous colour! Love how you've worn them too. Lynne x

  5. Alison20:32

    Love these Avril. I got a beautiful All Saints pale gold metallic pair in the summer but am struggling to find the courage to wear them! Any ideas welcome.

  6. Claire00:10

    Love the boots!!just back from the Titanic drawing rooms and saw you at your other job!!!such a fantastic choir and a fantastic night...looks like you all love what you do xxx

  7. Brilliant addition to your boot collection Avril, the bronze is a great neutral. They look fab with your biker jacket outfit xx

  8. Justamum201407:13

    I love these boots! Struggling with the frumpy forty stage of life so think these will go some way to cheering me up! I sadly couldn't resist the pointy m and s boots. Now lookin a dress to wear with them!!!!

  9. Dorset Fashionista10:16

    They look really cool, I have just bought some silver loafers, but hadn't thought of metallics boots. Do you think it's best to keep the rest of the outfit really neutral?
    Love your hair by the way, great cut!
    Abbi x

  10. These look fab and go great with the jeans, loving the metallic too!

  11. Anne maire12:33

    They look great! i too also have a love for ankle boots. I'm obsessed with my anime bing ankle boots!

  12. I wasn't too sure about these, but they look amazing on! Just goes to show you really have to try on boots to see how good they look x

  13. I love your jacket! I wasn't sure how I felt about these boots until I saw them on and with how you've styled them; they look great! :) xxx

  14. I love how they look on you Avril & the round toe is super cute too! You could so pull off the Equestrian look! Do it! Ax


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