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I enjoyed doing my last #littleloves post so much, I thought I'd make an effort to do it once or twice a month going forward.  I'm a few days late with this one but had some technical challenges on Friday. Better late than never eh?


I read Elle magazine this week but I only bought it because it had a free mascara. You see, I never buy mascara. Every few months, I look out for a freebie in a magazine and use it. They're always pretty good brands and for £3 or £4,  you get a nice totey size of mascara that you use within a few months and then replace - better for hygiene around the eye too. This time round, it's the new Benefit Roller Ball mascara which isn't as good as the Bad Gal one I had before or the Estee Lauder one I got as a sample at the counter before Christmas but it does the job....I don't want big scary lashes...just want a bit of colour on the ends. Does what it says on the tin and you get a good read thrown in..
photo 1

My heart was broken and lifted in equal measure after watching 'Can you cure my cancer' on BBC1 on Wednesday night. It was a Panorama special about the experimental treatments being tested on some patients in an effort to find a cure for cancer. A fascinating watch from an educational point of view. But as always, the personal stories were the compelling part. It's not an easy watch in places but it's also hugely inspiring.


I had my choir rehearsal this week and we are working on a couple of great new pieces. One of them gives me goosebumps every time. We'll be performing it at our upcoming concerts in Campbell College and Malone Presbyterian so if you're local and want to come along, the BCGC site (and the venues) have all the details. I've also been listening to the less melodic sound of drills as my kitchen and built in wardrobes were installed this week. Music to my ears in a very different way - soon I can move back in with the husband and enjoy our house. It's been lovely staying with my mother in law but I'm eager to get back to normality again...and hang up my clothes after 2 months of living out of boxes and suitcases.


My new Mango coat! In total love with's just the right shade of grey, just the right mix of wool and was only £45 in the sale. What's not to love?
photo 2


Appointments - I have (finally) found the most amazing physio who is helping me recover from my recent back pain episode. I'm loving Caroline's holistic approach - she's working on my legs and my hips as there are issues there that are having a knock-on effect on my back. I've also this week booked a hair cut - I want Emma Willis' hair - hope you're ready for this Johnny...

and finally....

...this weekend my son lost his phone on a beach in Donegal on a half term trip with his cousins. A woman rang me on Saturday (my number is on the phone in case of loss) and kindly left it back to a local shop for my sister in law to pick up. Just so grateful to her for her kindness and for the trouble she went to, to return the phone safely. May karma be kind to our anonymous good samaritan.


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Have a great week...




  1. What a lovely lady to find & make the effort to return the phone! May good things come her way :)

  2. That was so good of the lady to trace back the phone! I love Emma Willis' hair so can't wait to see this style on you! X

  3. Isn't it lovely when someone does such a good turn, it totally renews your faith in human kindness.
    Pleased to hear your back is starting to improve Avril.
    Jane xx

  4. I really like this new style of post - might just copy you again!! I was sooo amused to read your review of the mascara. There has been nothing but gushing on Twitter and other sites about this new Benefit product - and I was suspicious that it might be hype. Thank you for confirming my suspicions! And so so glad to hear you're on the mend again. Roll on London x

  5. Lynne21:18

    Saw your choir on television Avril, the Sunday night programme about hymn singing! You looked lovely. Great about the phone , and how good to hear of people's kindness. Must try and get to hear the choir in " real life"

  6. I can't tell you the last time I read an actual magazine and I don't think I have ever read Elle. Love the coat! x

  7. Very smart idea with the mascaras! Cannot wait to see you new haircut too!!

  8. I have the biggest girl crush on Emma Willis - she is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your hair, have you had it done yet?
    Need to pick up a copy of that magazine, my mascara has just run out!
    Hope you're having a good week lovely xx


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