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Go on - fess up. How many of your bras don't fit you properly? If you Google 'women wearing wrong sized bra', you'll get a plethora of stories ranging from '80% of women in the US' to 'a third of women in the UK' wearing the wrong size. I'm inclined to think it's closer to the 80% - I know I'm currently wearing one that doesn't fit me properly.

So I've joined forces with Triumph, for this blog post to tell you a little bit about their “Find the One” campaign - part of an ongoing mission to help as many women as possible to find their perfect bra. The right bra = no more pinching, weightless support, total comfort and a beautifully shaped silhouette. What's not to love?

Last year’s Stand Up for Fit campaign, also run by Triumph, measured a staggering 380,000 women for the right bra – beating the original target of 100,000. This overwhelmingly positive response pushed Triumph to raise the stakes even higher with a global “Find the One” campaign and an aim to fit half a million women with that very special, super comfortable bra, the one that they will share the rest of their lives with. And that's the good thing about Triumph bras - they will stand the test of time.

“Find the One” is being launched with the following video,  directed by the acclaimed Ivana Bobic, featuring women from across Europe, playing on the idea of finding the “The One” in love. The movie is edited so that each lady appears to be describing their search for the perfect partner, when it is revealed they are actually talking about the perfect bra. There are so many jokes I could make here about husbands but I'll resist!

So how can you go about finding your 'one'? Well, there's a “Find the One” Hub – where you can get advice, book a bra fitting, and buy the ideal bra so do check it out if you're sitting reading this and (like me) can feel your bra digging into you.

Thanks to Triumph for asking me to get involved with this campaign and thanks to you for supporting the brands who support this blog.



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