Knitted Jackets, Starfish & Starsky & Hutch...

I know - a random title. Hang on in there - it will make sense soon. The knitted jacket is in today's outfit - all old favourites apart from the necklace...more on that in a minute. Today, the sun was streaming in and I got overly optimistic about springtime but I was no sooner dressed when the weatherman said that it was going to be bitterly cold with rain and a sharp frost later. So my pumps changed to ankle boots for the school run :( but hey, nothing like a bit of optimism on a Tuesday morning...
imageJeans - Maison Scotch
Knitted Jacket - Boden (kind of similar here & here)
Navy Top - Boden (similar)
Navy Pumps - Anna Field @ Zalando
Rose Gold Starfish Pendant - School Gate Style Shop (pre-order - see below)

I love my knitted jackets - they're perfect at this time of year. I've linked to a couple of others in Boden above but they are everywhere - some even on sale...
Knitted Jacket Collage

Mint VelvetHushH&MH&MDash (in HOF clearance)White Stuff (on sale), Dash (At HOF)Hush

And finishing with the necklace close up...a rose gold sparkly starfish. I have a bit of a thing about starfish...
It's one of the new items I've just taken delivery of for the shop, which I'm delighted to say will re-open at Easter. If you can't wait until then, send me a message to be among the first to own this piece. It's coated in real rose gold and retails at £18 including UK P&P (EU postage £2 extra/US Postage £3 extra)

Feeling reflective this afternoon as 11 years ago today, I went into labour for the first (and only....the twins came out the sunroof!) time. He was born early on the 25th but I'll always remember being in the cinema watching Starsky & Hutch when the contractions started. It was too good a movie to walk out on so I persevered and even went for a quick drink afterwards. By midnight, I was in the RVH 8cm dilated. So every 24th March since then, hubby and I watch the movie again - thank goodness we went to see something decent...as well as starfish, it would appear I have a bit of a 'thing' about Owen Wilson ;)




  1. Love the starfish necklace Avril, so delicate & it goes perfectly with your Boden knitted jacket.
    Hope your son has had a lovely birthday & you enjoy the film tonight.
    Jane xx

  2. Thank goodness it wasn't 50 Shades Of Grey. Can you imagine, having to watch that every year. I've had my eye on the H&M jacket for a while. Love the colour but can't justify another purchase at the moment. They're so useful aren't they. Warm as a cardi but smart as a jacket. Think I'm gradually moving back to smaller pieces of jewellery and how cute is this one x

  3. Louise19:35

    What a lovely thing to do on the eve of your son's birth! L x

  4. I love that look! It's casual but so much more dressy than I would normally go, love the flats too. Effortless style x

  5. What a great tradition! We were buying a bed when my daughter started to arrive - I don't think we could afford to do that every year :-D Love your jacket, I've been eyeing up that Hush knitted biker, but I think if I bought another one, the wardrobe might finally burst at the seams! xx

  6. That necklace is stunning. Can't wait to see the new stock!

  7. Very cute that you still watch the movie every year & bet the birthday boy loves it now too. I was watching Eastenders when I went into labour with my son, not quite as much fun!
    Nic x

  8. Crikey, I love the story. I can't believe that film is 11 years old already!! All I remember, about the night of the DD's birth, was Salt n Peppa with 'Yeah Push It' reverberating around the delivery suite when I was about 9cm dilated! :0) xxxx

  9. The knitted jacket is such a fabulous transitional item isn't it?! Love your Boden one and think the Hush biker style is also gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your Starsky and Hutch anniversary/birthday film night xx

  10. I think I'll have to invest in some knitted jackets! I really like #4 and #7. I really love your starfish necklace; can't wait for the shop to re-open! xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

  11. Ah thats so sweet & such a cool story! I love that necklace! Gorgeous! x

  12. Wonderful post, lovely outfits.

  13. Great post, Avril. Can I please preorder the starfish necklace? Is it possible to preorder the teal one you shared on Instagram too? Lynne xx

  14. That's such a lovely birth story :) pretty necklace, I love anything with a star or star fish design x


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