Michael Kors opens in Belfast!

I love opening up the summer bags again and discovering the clothes you put away the previous Autumn. I especially love finding things I bought in the sale at the end of the summer and that weren't worn much. This green boucle jacket from Zara is one of those items - I only wore it once last year.
This photo is a week old - hence the lack of winter coat/hat/scarf/gloves - what's happened to our weather??!! But last summer Thursday was glorious and the mother in law and I went into Belfast as she had a few messages to do and doesn't like driving herself in.
Green Boucle Jacket - Zara (SS14)
Cream Textured Top - Primark (got a curry stain on it that evening and is now in laundry rehab...and it's not looking good...please keep in your thoughts!)
Navy Quilted Bag - Dune @ TK Maxx
Navy Pumps - Anna Field @ Zalando

I should point out that this is not a sponsored post at all - we just happened to arrive in Belfast on the very day (and hour) that the Michael Kors shop opened in Victoria Square - it would have been wrong not to have a look?!
I've not been round a MK shop since New York - this one is seriously impressive. It's based in the old LK Bennett shop in VSQ (on an aside, does anyone know where it's gone to?? The concession is gone from House of Fraser too)
Back to MK...and I didn't think I'd want to buy as much as I did....the brand seems to have toned down the bling bling offering a little so the bags in particular appealed to me much more than they did in the US - all really rather lovely with classic colours and styles. All the links are to the US site btw - but just so you can have a closer look & compare prices - though remember US sales tax is additional - I've talked about US vs UK prices below.
On the birthday list is this cross body bag in navy saffiano leather. It's £135 and will be the perfect replacement for my navy Boden cross body which as become rather worn. The saffiano leather is great for wear and Prada has the same finish.
Footwear wise, I was tempted by these navy pumps (called Moccasin's online). They're so so comfortable but I couldn't get my head around the massive MK on the front. They were like gloves on me in the size 8, lined in the softest leather. Bliss! The sales assistant told me they are getting other lines in without as much branding so I'm holding off for now.
Fulton Leather Moccasin in Navy (not online in that colour)
The clothing range was surprisingly good - I've not really looked at it before. This navy (all about the navy clearly!) leather jacket was just fabulous
but there were some more affordable pieces too. Loved the print on this top with the pop of orange (also navy...sorrry)
Price-wise, it's not much more expensive than the US to be honest. I compared the cost of my watch and of a handbag I'd taken a fancy to in New York and even with the current favourable exchange rate, it's only about 12% cheaper to buy in the US (with the 9% NYC sales tax) factor in the costs of getting & staying there, you're not saving yourself a huge amount by holding out to buy abroad. Plus you get the local customer service on your doorstep...a great benefit if you need to exchange or return something.
Definitely a must see if you're in VSQ in the coming weeks. Great to see the brand buying into the city and I'll definitely be back.

Finishing with today's colder day outfit...brrr....but had the greys covered up at the hairdresser so that's always a bonus :)
Coat - Almost Famous London (AW14)
Breton - Joules
Jeans - Gap Perfectly Skinny (via Outlet)
Boots - Navy Ash Jalouse
Bag - Boden Cross Body (past season)

Busy evening ahead as I'm heading out to sing at the Grand Opera House in Belfast tonight where the choir are supporting St Agnes Choral Society's performance of Hairspray...can't wait!



  1. Some lovely picks Avril & yes it would definitely have been rude not to take a peek! Love your outfits too the coral with the breton looks gorgeous.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. You're always on my wavelength :) Thanks for dropping by - loved your red shoes today! x

  2. Interesting about LK Bennett- we were meant to get one in Basingstoke, well over a year ago now & the signs all disappeared one week. Maybe they are pulling out of some b&m sites like Tesco.

    Anyway that MK cross body bag... Love! Might be worth a look around my birthday in fact ;-)

    1. Well a reader has just told me they've moved round the corner! duh!! Though it's not a part of the centre I'd normally walk round to...however, I'm glad they're not away. Love their sale!
      And yes - the cross body was right up my street. It's such a great shape! Hope you're well lovely Ax

  3. I'm not a MK fan at all as I don't like the very obvious branding, but there are some lovely pieces. The bags look lovely. I think you were right to hold off on the shoes. Lynne xx

    1. I know what you mean - I was relieved to see more subtle branding on many of the bags this time. If they could only make those shoes a little less bling, I'd be adding them to the wish list for sure! x

  4. That Saffiano cross body bag is now also on my birthday wish-list....though my birthday is not until October! Can I resist it for that long! It all looks so gorgeous Avril....please stop tempting me! ;0) xx

  5. Put some hydrogen peroxide (any chemist will have) and some fairy liquid onto stain, rub it in a bit then leave for half hour or so then wash as normal. This has worked on old and difficult stains for me

  6. I've never really been an MK fan until our recent holiday to the U.S. and I actually loved so much in their range of bags. They definitely seem more 'sophisticated' now, to be honest I didn't realise they did clothes and shoes! Love the pink coat on you x

  7. I think I have the same reservations as you Avril about the rather obvious branding. Funny how I wouldn't mind if they were the double C's ;o)

  8. Hope you enjoyed your singing - I love Hairspray and the Opera House is indeed Grand. Like the jacket but not keen on MK shoes.


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